Detroit Police Chief Has Seen The Light, Advises Citizens to Arm Themselves

From Before It’s News:

During his 28 years on the police force in Los Angeles, James Craig tended to agree with his state’s tight control over concealed carry permits, believing fewer guns would lead to fewer violent crimes.

But when he moved to Portland, Maine, in 2009 to serve as the city’s new police chief, he discovered a different culture – one where guns actually made people safer.

Now Craig, the chief of police in Detroit, Mich., has a message for the law-abiding folks in his crime-ridden city: Arm yourselves, and criminals will think twice about attacking you.

At a press conference at police headquarters Thursday, the Detroit News reports, Craig praised the deterrent power of a legally armed citizenry.

I guess the only question I have is who with half a brain still living in Detroit isn’t armed? Seriously?

As friend of The Teri O’Brien Show, and renowned expert on the 2nd amendment John Lott says, more guns, less crime. It’s not rocket science. An armed society is a polite society.


  1. Before It’s News…A site I check every here and now. Nice one Teri.

  2. Bulldoze all of Detroit! Send all Detroit welfare recipients to New York City!

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