Did Dick Durbin Have a Couple of Cocktails Before This Interview?

A very defensive pudgy huckster gives a clinic on liberal projection. What an embarrassment this former ambulance chaser would be if he weren’t from Illinois.


  1. Garnet, I wish I could take credit for hanging the moniker “the pudgy huckster” on Dick Durbin. The knickname I gave him is “Eddie Haskill,” which I think fits him perfectly. The PH name came from the late Steve Neal, long-time political reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times.
    Yes, those other guys are fat, a fact I think they’ve all acknowledged for what it’s worth. If any of them put on a bizarre, unhinged display like this clown did last night, I might mention their physical attributes.
    I defy you to discover any racist “shot” I’ve taken at anyone. That’s not how I roll.

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