Did “Unaccompanied Alien Child” Kill 2 Montana Good Samaritans? Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show,

Is killer an Obama “unaccompanied alien child?” Last week, two Good Samaritans in Montana were fatally shot when they stopped to help an 18-year old Mexican “legal resident.” Under what auspices is he “legally” in the U.S.? He entered in May, 2013.  Only ICE knows for sure, and they aren’t talking.

Obama’s open borders policy, just like Fast and Furious, are motivated by his cynical obsession with what is politically expedient.

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Links to stories we discussed on the show are belowThanks to our guest, Andrew C. McCarthy of National Review

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About the recent murder case of two Good Samaritans in Montana by a Mexican “legal permanent resident”
  • About the murder of an 8-year old girl in Santa Cruz, California, a “sanctuary” city, by a 15-year old, who may be an anchor baby
  • About the possibility that a Fast and Furious gun was involved in a terrorist attack on American soil
  • Why National Review’s Andrew McCarthy thinks Obama deserves to be impeached over the Iran Deal
  • How Sen. John McCain is 180 degrees wrong about the role of the Senate in the context of the Iran Deal Disaster
  • About the Ayatollah’s new book, currently only available in Iran, about his plan to destroy Israel
  • About the background of the federal judge who enjoined the Center for Medical Progress from releasing more of their undercover videos exposing the disgusting, ghoulish Planned Parenthood baby body part chop shop

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Links from the Show

3rd World Invasion

Good Samaritan Family Gunned Down Trying to Help Stranded Driver in Montana | KTLA

Jesus Deniz Mendoza, Mexican accused of double murder, was legal immigrant – Washington Times (but the Obama Regime won’t say how he got that status. I say he was one of those “unaccompanied children.”)

Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis – The Washington Post

Teen charged as adult in Santa Cruz girl’s slaying – SFGate

15 year old Adrian Jerry Gonzales aka “A.J.” charged with murder of 8 year old Girl: DREAMer or Anchor Baby? – Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

15-Year-Old Hispanic Rapes and Murders 8-Year-Old White Girl – Wanted To Know How People Would React… | The Last Refuge

Conservative Review – Texas Rep Offers Bill Temporarily Halting Refugee Resettlement

Refugees from Syria claim racism in Germany is so bad they want to GO HOME | Daily Mail Online (Preview of coming attractions in US?)

Iran Deal Disaster

Ayatollah Ali Khameni has a new book all about how to destroy Israel, so you can see why Obama is so hot to make a deal with him, can't you?

Ayatollah Ali Khameni has a new book all about how to destroy Israel, so you can see why Obama is so hot to make a deal with him, can’t you?

President Payback’s Secret Plan to Build Up Iran. Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-15-15 – Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

The Iran Nuke Documents Obama Doesn’t Want You to See – The Daily Beast

Why Schumer will side with Obama on Iran deal | New York Post (Because he’s a liberal first and always, which means he’s obsessed with having power)

Obama tells liberals: I can’t carry Iran deal on my own | TheHill

Ted Cruz: Why I voted YES for Corker Iran bill » The Right Scoop –

Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel | New York Post

Hillary Mysterious Missing Emails

Judge Who Enjoined Release of Center for Medical Progress Videos is Obama Donor & Former Member of Obama Department of Justice

Obama Appointee Blocks More Video Releases By Group Behind Planned Parenthood Sting

The Scion Of San Francisco: Judge William H. Orrick III – Law360 (“Judge Orrick says his career first truly began to dovetail with that of his father — who had served several years as an assistant attorney general during the Kennedy administration — in 2009, when he joined the Department of Justice as a deputy assistant attorney general.

“The one thing I did aspire to follow my father in is that he was able to serve a president that he admired greatly — President Kennedy — and work in Washington,” Judge Orrick says. “I thought that would be a terrific thing to be able to do, and I too was very fortunate to work for a president I greatly admire.”)

Memphis Police officer Sean Bolton shot dead during traffic stop | Daily Mail Online (Can’t wait for all the media outrage over this shooting, can you?)

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