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Watching the turmoil in Egypt it occurred to me that a great business would be selling American flags, and you’d do especially well if you throw in a box of matches with every purchase. The U.S. is accused of taking sides by both sides. The pro Morsi people say we had to have known about overthrow. The anti-Islamists say we stuck with Morsi too long. This even though we’ve been doing our best to appear indifferent. Barack Obama has been doing his best to convey the impression that we are completely indifferent, and Sec. of State John Kerry was on his wife’s yacht while Egypt was erupting.

I Wish I Could Quit You, or A Horse is a Horse-Why isn’t the ACLU going to court to assert the right of this guy to marry this horse?

The mystery of Barack Obama’s Social Security Number with Orly Taitz

Moochelle Obama reaches out to her mini me, an Ohio teen who “acts like her”–what does that mean?

  • Not shaving your arm pits?
  • Telling everyone else what to eat and how much to exercise when you have 40 in hips?
  • Telling working class women who earn $15 or $20k a yr how noble it is to do public service, not mentioning that your public service consists of a no-show job obtained through political connections that pays 6 figures?
  • Stomping around the planet in an endless series of ridiculously expensive, but still somehow hideous outfits?
  • Indulging your addiction to endless luxury vacations?

2nd amendment update

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Immigration-David Brooks v. Raul Labrador

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