Did You Miss These Great “Of the Day” Entries?

When it comes to this site, if you miss a day, you miss a lot; specifically, you miss the terrific “Of the Day” entries. “Post of the Day,” “Blog of the Day,” and “Video of the Day” are well worth a few minutes here. If you have an idea for any of these, please don’t forget to send us an email at theteriobrienshow@gmail.com. Consider these recent entries:

More Proof That Democrats Hate Democracy and the Constitution
From the post: “In other words, if you don’t have the means to observe your rights because the liberals have made it too hard to get a gun, buy ammunition, get a license, or because of any of a myriad of other road blocks they’ve set up, then you have necessarily been denied your rights. Just like Democrat Party-created Jim Crow laws did to prevent blacks from voting between 1870 and 1964.” Precisely! What a spot on analysis of democrats up to their usual anti-freedom tricks AGAIN

Pyramid Scheme How appropriate that the DiploMad posted this terrific piece on the day that the Egyptian military gave Mr. Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, the heave-ho. This a great site on foreign policy. Keep up the good work, DiploMad!

Cashing In – Trayvon Family: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Trashcan…. $1,000,000.00 From the post: “Within 3 days of Trayvon Martin’s death his family hired a media consulting firm. Within two weeks of Trayvon Martin’s death his mother, Sybrina Fulton, filed legal documents to trademark his name. Subsequently Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton set out on a cross country tour to collect money. After the coast to coast tour, they took the scheme international and headed to Europe to continue exploiting the financial opportunity.” This post also notes that Trayvon Martin’s parents settled a wrongful death suit with the homeowners association governing the community where their son was killed. It’s worth going to this post just to see the photo of Al Sharpton holding the trash can.

Email Proof: Obama tried to steer to $10million to Chicago non profit Shocking! Barack Obama as an Illinois Senator involved in steering lots of taxpayer cash to some fraudulent “for the children” charity that can’t account for millions. It’s the Chicago Way, Kids. No surprise. H/T Illinois Review

African Vacation: $100 million…All Smiles Because They Don’t Have to Pay for It

Don Draper’s Diary OK, is it obvious yet how seriously I am jonesing for more “Mad Men?” I’m ordering Season 6 this week. After I watch all those episodes again, then what?

Kevin Hanrahan Writer, Soldier, Dog Advocate. That says it all. This great blog came to my attention from a reader and SL (Smart Listener), who knowing about my love of dogs, sent me his tribute to the military dog Bak, KIA, on Memorial Day. Keep up the great work, Kevin! You rock!



  1. Thx so much, Michael. You are very kind and I appreciate your encouragement and support. I don’t listen to terrestrial radio much, as in only if I leave it on the kitchen for the dogs, these days because I use the Stitcher app on my iPhone to listen to hundreds of terrific shows on demand if I’m in the car or in the office. Or I download something intelligent, informative and entertaining from iTunes, none of which terrestrial radio is today. From what I hear on promos that air during Rush Limbaugh’s show, WLS has effectively turned into a sports talk station, featuring duos of wacky guys screeching and yucking it up. As you well know, that’s not my style, and never will be. I encourage you to check out the latest iteration of The Teri OBrien Show. It will not disappoint.

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