Did Your Parents Ever Tell You to Respect the Office of President?

It looks like that quaint idea, to respect the Office of the President, is out the window, along with so many other traditions in the country we grew up in. You know, the one that Barack Obama is trying to destroy.

People Obama does not have time for:

Those mourning the murder of NYC police officers
Those standing up against Islamic terrorism in Paris
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
The wife of a Christian pastor held in Iran

In addition, there are the many LSM journalists  who have declared the Obama administration to the be most secretive and least transparent they’ve ever dealt with. This group include Ann Compton, Susan Page and Andrea Mitchell. Don’t get me wrong. I never felt a great deal of sympathy for this group. After all, they and their LSM buds made Obama, covered up for him, and therefore, got him elected in the first place. That fact makes their criticisms all the more credible, since they are Obama supporters, and even they can see that his promise to create “the most transparent administration in history” was just another in the seemingly endless series of whoppers he’s told since he came on the national scene.

For this disgusting “entertainer”/YouTube star, on the other hand, he apparently has all the time in the world.

This fact says all we need to know about who this embarrassment to the office of the President is, doesn’t it?


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  1. This is what happens when the borderless president has no boundaries. No one to keep him in check. No jokes. No mockery. No reporting. The tin-eared president has no one to tell him how churlish he looks?

    Gak. A beached whale straining Fruit Loop plankton in a filthy bath tub. There is just not enough brain bleach on the planet to get that sight out of my mind.

    • I so agree with you, M. I think that this GloZell creature could add a stream of income to her business by selling this video of her slurping cereal in the tub as an appetite suppressant.

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