That Didn’t Take Long: Leftist Haters Celebrate Death of Phyllis Schlafly

Of course, the minute I heard of the passing today of conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, I knew that the Left would light up Twitter with “tributes” to the late, great lady, an articulate, conservative icon and an inspiration to millions, including me.


RIP Phyllis Schlafly. You were a fighter for liberty and the Constitution until the end. The rage and hatred that the “compassionate” (as in we show how much we care by having the government put a gun to the heads of the productive to confiscate their earnings to spend on what we know is best) demonstrates every time someone with whom they disagree passes is so very predictable, and so very shameful, if anyone could shame them, which no one can.



Stay classy, as always, my Leftist friends!

She was a great lady, an articulate brilliant font of common sense and conservatism, and an inspiration to millions. May she rest in peace. These silly ignoramuses aren’t fit to carry her jock intellectually, not that they are smart enough to realize that.


Screenshot 2016-09-05 20.38.01 Schafly

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