“Diversity” Means Racism: Suburban Chicago High School Holds No Whites Assembly


Suburban Chicago holds black-only assembly. Isn’t that racism? Where are the protestors?

What if a high school in 2015 decided to hold a racially-segregated assembly, one for “Whites Only,” that excluded black students? All the media weasels who have spent hours wringing their hands over some idiots at a fraternity in Oklahoma chanting some bigoted foolishness would drop everything and head there to report on the latest predictable incident of hatred in racist America.

Actually, that very thing, a racially-segregated assembly, did happen, at Oak Park-River Forest High School in suburban Chicago, except it was white students who were excluded. From The Chicago Tribune:

Black History Month event at Oak Park and River Forest High School may have kick-started a schoolwide discussion on race — but not in the way school officials intended.

Several white parents, none of whom would speak on the record, expressed confusion and dismay that their children were prevented from participating in a “Black Lives Matter” event Feb. 27 that was limited to black students only. …

In the spirit of District 200’s five-year strategic plan, which has a running theme of racial equity, Rouse decided to host the Black Lives Matter event.

“I credit them with giving me the push I needed to follow my heart and do something different for our school,” he said.

Rouse [Principal Nathaniel Rouse], who has been principal at the school for seven years, said the decision to allow only black students was based in an idea known as affinity grouping. In an affinity group, the philosophy is that students of one racial persuasion are able to express themselves fully and safely.

“In order for us to move forward, I believe the affinity group is the safe way for us to move forward in a safe environment,” he said.

More here.

Gee, I wonder if anyone at this assembly bothered to mention that the whole Ferguson “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative is a complete lie, one that even Eric Holder admits never happened. I doubt that. The mythology plays so much better at this sort of PC event than the truth, no?

When you couple this sort of ridiculous, racialist garbage kids are being taught with the moral relativism, as in there is no right or wrong, we discussed on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, is it any doubt that our country is in the state it’s in?


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