DNC: Black Lives Matter Interrupt Moment of Silence For Fallen Police Officers

DNCDon’t be fooled by all the lip service that the DNC paid to patriotism and supporting law enforcement at their convention, which mercifully ended last night.

The oily political operatives who run the DNC were determined to have the pro-American mask firmly in place to fool Middle America. Not all of the delegates got the memo.

From The Washington Times:

Two people interrupted a moment of silence meant to honor slain police officers at Democrats’ convention Thursday, shouting “black lives matter” as the rest of the thousands assembled were quiet.

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, whose city was the scene of the ambush that left five police officers dead and seven wounded earlier this month, asked for the moment of silence.

After things quieted down, a man interrupted with the “black lives matter” shout, and a woman then interjected herself.

After the moment of silence, family members of officers recently slain took to the stage to recount their relatives’ lives and sacrifices.

The relatives received a standing ovation from the delegates.

Recent mass shootings have pushed law and order to the top of the political debate — but Republicans and Democrats approach it very differently. The GOP paid homage to the police shot in two ambushes by anti-cop assailants, while Democrats spent the first three days of their convention focusing on victims who died at the hands of police.

After being criticized and shamed into bringing American flags onto their stage, the democrats went into damage control, and decided to feature families of fallen police officers and members of the military last night. Who do the democrats think that they are fooling? Obama’s attitude toward law enforcement is no different from that of his radical leftist mentors, something that he has made clear during his entire political career, starting with his disgraceful “police acted stupidly” comment in 2009, and including during his recent disgraceful performance at a memorial ceremony for fallen officers in Dallas. The War on Cops also known as “Black Lives Matter” is always welcome in Obama’s White House.

The democrats also pandered to one of their mascot groups by featuring “Mothers of the Movement,” at their convention, including Sybrina Fulton, mother Of Trayvon Martin, Obama’s would be “son,” who would be a perfect spokesperson for the “implicit racism” of white police officers who shoot innocent black “children,”  if her son had been killed by a police officer, or a white guy. He wasn’t. Nor was he innocent. He was killed when he was slamming George Zimmerman’s head into the concrete. Also featured Lezley McSpadden, mother Of Michael Brown, the thug who robbed a convenience store, then tried to grab Officer Darren Wilson’s gun. Even Eric Holder couldn’t find a reason to charge Officer Wilson with anything. He was completely in the right, and “hands up, don’t shoot” never happened (Sorry, Beyoncè.) The presence of these women at the convention is what the Left likes to call a “dog whistle,” a signal to their fellow travelers, meant to say “we’re with you. We agree that Amerika is inherently racist, and the police are their evil enforcers of that ‘implicit racism.”

The democrat party of John F. Kennedy is long gone. It has degenerated into a radical left-wing, anti-American, anti-law enforcement passel of radical leftists. Do you think the average American is fooled by these staged, phony attempts to hide the Left’s contempt for law enforcement?


  1. We cannot deport illegal aliens because “that’s not who we are.” Interrupting a solemn moment of silence is who we are.

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