DNC Convention: Berned Sanders Supporters Chant “Lock Her Up”

Does this mean Democrats are “plagiarizing” from the Republicans who originated this “Lock Her Up” chant last week in Cleveland? Does Chris Cuomo know that Democrats are chanting something “unoriginal?”

chantGee, I guess Bernie Sanders supporters don’t appreciate a fraud being perpetrated on them by what they thought was their own party.

The Washington Post reported on the Russian hacking last month.

Some of the hackers had access to the DNC network for about a year, but all were expelled over the past weekend in a major computer cleanup campaign, the committee officials and experts said.

The DNC said that no financial, donor or personal information appears to have been accessed or taken, suggesting that the breach was traditional espionage, not the work of criminal hackers.

The intrusions are an example of Russia’s interest in the U.S. political system and its desire to understand the policies, strengths and weaknesses of a potential future president — much as American spies gather similar information on foreign candidates and leaders. …

Here’s the money quote from the WaPo piece, from a former chairwoman of the Democrat Party

“The security of our system is critical to our operation and to the confidence of the campaigns and state parties we work with,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.), the DNC chairwoman. “When we discovered the intrusion, we treated this like the serious incident it is and reached out to CrowdStrike (a cyber security firm mentioned earlier in the article) immediately. Our team moved as quickly as possible to kick out the intruders and secure our network.”

Not quickly enough, Debbie.

Later tonight, Sen. Sanders, who has already texted his rebellious supporters, begging them to stop their agitation on the floor of the convention, will speak to the assembled crowd. I don’t want to appear overly skeptical, but I’m not sure that “Vote for the woman who colluded with the Democrat party to defraud you and screw you out of everything you worked for. We were, and are, right. The system if rigged, but you had your fun. Now fall in line” will work out so well for the Jackass Party.

What say you?


  1. Gerald, I think that the local police are still investigating the shooting of Seth Rich, and have cited a number of robberies in the neighborhood where he was killed; however, he still had his watch, and the details on whether he was actually in possession of his other valuables have been sketchy. Some have suggested on some cites that his death is another one for the “Clinton body count,” but of course, there are many dots remaining to be connected to make that case. Why do think no one is talking about it? (other than you and a few others)

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