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Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of  Where’s the Birth Certificate? detailing the compelling case of Barack Obama’s ineligibility to be President of the United States will be our guest this coming Sunday, 6/5/11 on the Teri O’Brien Show. If you have a question for him, please post it here.

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  1. I recently sent a question to be answered at americaswebradio for their June 6th 1:00 pm show. I never got a reply back so I figured, what the hey, I’ll see if you’re willing to ask it!

    During a CNN report, a shot was taken of Stig Waidelich’s BC# (10920) and it was way out of sequence (around 200 off from the Nordyke’s and Obama’s BC number). It was supposedly filed on Aug 8, the same day as Obama’s was supposedly filed. Waidelich was born on the same day as the Nordyke twins.

    Q: Why is his number out of sequence? Is this evidence of illegal activity by the HDOH? Or, is this evidence that batches of certificates are alphabetized by surname then given BC numbers? If Waidelich’s BC# was temporarily changed at the HDOH, can’t someone compare Waidelich’s old BC with the one he got from the HDOH and see if there has been a change in numbers?

    Here are some visual aids that will help you gain a better understanding of the questions I am asking:

    An image of Stig Waidelich’s BC:

    An image of the Nordyke Twin’s BCs:

    Obama’s BC:

    CNN Piece with Stig Waidelich: (2:00-3:00 minute mark)

    Going with this line of logic, I feel that Stig Waidelich’s BC could easily be a smoking gun. It either proves there was alphabetical filing of BC batches, OR the HDOH has been performing illegal tampering of BC documents. There is further proof of illegal tampering when looking at the 1960-1964 Birth Index ( The index includes the birth names of adopted children (Norman and Nathan Asing) which should be held confidential due to privacy laws.

    I hope you consider asking my questions about Stig Waidelich’s BC number. During a previous interview, Jerome Corsi was asked about Waidelich’s BC number but replied that he needed more time to investigate it. He has been sent the information about Stig Waidelich but has failed to mention him or his birth certificate in any WND article. During a Fox interview ( at the 3:20 minute mark) Corsi was told Stig’s mother remembers seeing baby Obama in the hospital because he was the only black child. Corsi responds by saying: “Remembers it after not remembering it.” This line implies Dr. Corsi, at the very least, has watched the CNN piece. Further, this also implies Corsi believes something is going on with CNN and the Waidelich family.

    Thank-you for your time.

  2. Ask Dr. Corsi, Teri, about Obama’s “super-jumbo mortgage and who the competing lender might have been.

    For more…

  3. Please ask Dr. Corsi… Is it possible that the Republican Party has all the evidence needed to unseat Obama, but is sitting upon it until he nears the end of his term so it (signed Legislation, Executive Orders, Etc., will be legally “Null and Void”)?

  4. I went to the Whitehouse website and downloaded their picture of the birth certificate. I don’t see a seal, embossed or debossed on it. Far be it for me to imagine some nefarious reasons why there are layers to this ‘certified’ copy that challenge Mr. Obama’s bona fides, but this goes to just how forthcoming he is. He has the Hawaii Dept. of Health release the paperwork to himself. It smacks of John F. Kerry’s* military record being released to the Boston Globe. This is just more obfuscation.

    *John F. Kerry was in Viet Nam.

  5. According to the Whitehouse website Judith Corley, of Perkins Coie was dispatched to pick up the document. Is there a visitor log at HDOH that shows the date and time of her arrival?

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