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Lots of you send me terrific content that I often use for show prep or even on this site; however, so much great content remains unshared because of the limitations of my time, and that of the weekly broadcast. We would like to see you share all this great information with our audience. Are you up for that? Great! We have posted our writers’ guidelines below. We look forward to getting submissions.

Incidentally, if you don’t want to write original content, but you want us to know about something really interesting that you found. If you have a tip, or a suggestion for “Of the Day,” (as in blog, post, or video), please send these pearls to us at theteriobrienshow@gmail.com with the reference line “Suggested for Of the Day.” or “Tip.”

Thanks for your interest in writing for teriobrien.com.

Writers’ Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for teriobrien.com.

— We, the editors of teriobrien.com, reserve the right to turn down any submission, at any time, for any reason we deem necessary, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

— We want the best for our readers, and that means not only in the substance of what we post, but also the technique. A due respect to the rules of Standard English grammar, spelling and punctuation will be expected from our writers. As for the substance, please provide sources for facts and claims, and try to put that “who, what, why, when and where” we all learned in high school journalism in the first paragraph. Then, explain why the reader should care about what you are writing, and include links to your sources, which can be other blogs, as long as they are sourced. We aren’t interested in a rehash of what Rush Limbaugh has already said, so “As I heard on Rush’s show” is a non-starter. Instead, if you hear about a story on a broadcast outlet, make a note of it and do a little research to give us the inside story that the constraints of broadcast time don’t allow. The one exception would be if you hear an interview on a show, in which cast, please provide a link to the transcript. If we think we’re going to have to spend a lot of time cleaning up your writing/sourcing, or connecting dots for readers, to make the piece ready for prime time, we will reject it.  Not only do we not have time, we also expect those who are writing for our site to avoid sloppiness of any kind in the content we provide our wonderful readers.

— In addition, try to make your pieces timely. If a story is two weeks old, and you want to provide commentary about it, that’s great, but don’t post a two-week old story without significant analysis as if you are giving the readers a news bulletin. Readers of this site, and listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show are smart and well-informed. We are committed to helping them stay ahead of the curve.

–If you get something from another blog, please be extra careful about citing it.

— Please don’t send us pieces that are nothing more than recycled conspiracy theories that, even if true, have been rehashed to death, so that even if they were ever interesting, and worth repeating, are not worth our time. We know the U.N. Is at best a worthless debating society, and at worst, might be promoting one-world government, but that’s not news. It’s more interesting than 9/11 truther stories, blockbusters about the Illuminati, or proof that we never landed on the moon, but it’s still not what we want to publish.

— As you know, from reading this blog and listening to The Teri O’Brien Show, we are very concerned about the coarsening of our culture. So please use language that you’d be comfortable using in mixed company that included your grandmother. No profanity, no lewd/sexual stuff, please. You don’t have to pull any punches, and you should feel free to tell it like it is. Just don’t be vulgar, or feel that you need to engage in the sort of sensationalism that so many today try to substitute for cleverness and creativity.

— We review everything before we publish it. We reserve the right to correct any spelling errors, typos, grammatical glitches, etc. Occasionally, we also might tweak a minor feature of a submission for any number of reasons. We will do our best not to change anything significant unless we get the go ahead from the author first.

— Submissions should run between 500 and 900 words.

— Submissions need a byline (author’s name and position). We also need an email address that you check frequently so that we can contact you if we need to do so.

— We don’t pay contributors to teriobrien.com, but we are anticipating your commentaries and articles will offer you an opportunity of exposure to a very special, discriminating (and growing) audience. Any promoting of books, materials for sale, websites, blogs, etc you want to work into your pieces is fine as long as such promotion does not constitute the overriding point of what you are writing.

— We would hope you’d use every connection you have (blogs, Facebook pages, personal websites, tweets, etc.) to draw attention to your pieces on teriobrien.com and to the site in general. You’re taking the time to write great stuff, so let’s make sure as many as people as possible know it’s posted and have a chance to read it.

— We would request that whatever you submit to us, you’d wait 24 hours following its publication on teriobrien.com before posting it on other Internet presences. (Of course, we would appreciate your using whatever resources you can to immediately point potential readers to your commentaries on the actual teriobrien.com site.)

— Our mission is to inform, inspire and entertain, in that order, so please write about important matters. We know that your mother thought the essay you wrote about your cat’s birthday party was adorably fascinating, but it’s really not our cup of tea. You understand. That sort of thing is what Facebook is for.

Thanks for expressing interest in being a part of teriobrien.com.


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