Do You Want to Continue to Be a Guinea Pig in Obama’s Socialist Lab? Show Notes, 9/9/12

Democrats party like it’s 1999, with Bill Clinton using phrases and gestures that remind us of a painful and difficult time in our history, and the man he was there to rescue, Barack Obama, makes unfortunate references to people going to their knees in the Oval Office. The consensus was that Clinton’s speech out shined the former messiah’s. In fact, Obama’s speech was panned. Query: why didn’t his speech address any of his so-called “achievements?”

The big lie about the success of the auto bailout, and the workers who got screwed out of their pensions in the process

Why the Democrats should be called the “Do Over Party”

Dana Milbank: Obama lowers the bar on hope and change – The Washington Post

Things I learned from the Democrat convention, including the fact that associates at one of the largest law firms in Chicago don’t earn enough to afford a car without a rusted-out, see-through door. That’s what Mooch tried to tell us during her excellent performance at the Democrat convention, and I do mean “performance,” as in it was complete fiction. There is an alternative explanation for that car story. Perhaps, even though he was paid enough to afford a decent ride, he wanted to prove he was a man of the people by driving around in a rust bucket. It worked on Michelle, apparently. The First Klingon wore a custom-designed dress on Tuesday night, but the great news for you little people is that she’s working on an affordable version and rushing it to stores. It will be sold at the bargain price of $500! I’ll take 3!

Mooch should blow in a call to the Chicago Public School teachers and explain to them that “success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

Barack Obama’s theme song should be “If I Could Turn Back Time,” since his convention acceptance speech made it clear that he wants to pretend, and have the rest of us go along with the idea, that the last 3 1/2 years never happened. Maybe if they had invited Cher to perform, they could have filled that arena …

If we don’t get rid of the jug-eared, braying jackass currently occupying the Oval Office, we’ll end up more Marion Crane than Bobby Ewing.

The scariest line in Obama’s speech: do you want to continue to be a guinea pig in Obama’s socialist lab?

Special Guest, author and awesomeness expert Frank J. Fleming tells us How to Fix Everything in America, which happens to be the title of his book

How to Fix Everything in America Forever: The Plan to Keep America Awesome: Frank J. Fleming: Kindle Store

Frank’s website: IMAO

The truth about the current polls about the presidential election

ICYMI (in Case You Missed It): When we’re $16T in debt, why are we bailing out the Muslim Brotherhood? Why is the Obama administration giving a visa to a member of the Islamic Group, which has received a formal designation as a foreign terrorist organization to which it is a federal crime to provide material support so that he can lobby for the release of the Blind Sheik?  Our Special 3rd Hour edition with Andrew McCarthy

Second Amendment Update featuring 92 year-old WW II veteran, Earl Jones, who makes no apologies for shooting and killing, a scumbag who broke into his house. Then the dead guy’s two accomplices, obvious rocket scientists, realized that they needed to dispose of the evidence of their involvement in the crime, in this case, the body. So they dragged it out of the house, and put it in a Chevy Impala. What could possibly have gone wrong with that master plan?

ATF’s latest gun grab

FAA bosses urged workers to vote Democrat

Two weeks ago, the gang at MS-NBC expressed shock, horror and outrage when Mitt Romney made a light-hearted reference to his own birth certificate, which was clearly another racist dog whistle (are you getting sick of this annoying clichè yet?). Yesterday when the One does the same thing, we have to read about it in the British press.

Even CNN’s Candy Crowley knows that the Democrats are lying about the GM bankruptcy/takeover, and finds it unbelievable that the president should be the person to fire CEO’s


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