Does a “Mesh Mask” Count as Being “In the Shadows?”

From KHOU (Houston):

DALLAS — FBI investigators believe they’ve arrested a man responsible for at least 19 bank robberies in 2013.

Luis Delagarza, 59, of Farmers Branch is believed to be the “Mesh Mask Bandit” and was arrested for armed robbery of a Wells Fargo bank in Dallas in April. Delagarza is a well-known immigration rights activist. (emphasis mine)


Once again doing the jobs Americans won’t do!

According to a release from the U.S. Department of Justice, an FBI special agent interviewed an employee of the Wells Fargo robbed on April 22 who saw the bank robber’s face as he entered and left the building.

The witness later identified Delagarza in a photo lineup. He has been among the most high profile leaders in the North Texas Hispanic community for years

As far as I know, this guy was not in the country illegally, which probably explains why he was out in the open and not “in the shadows.”

Delagarza helped oranize the Mega March that brought an estimated half-million people to the streets of downtown Dallas demanding immigration reform. He also founded Spanish-language television station TeleAmerica and owned an auto dealership.

Have you heard this story? Imagine what would have happened if this guy had been a member of the Tea Party. It would have been the lead story on CNN, MS-NBC and all the low-information network newscasts.

The real question is who will organize the Mega March now??


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