Donald Trump Afraid of Megyn Kelly? Seriously? I Don’t Think So.

Megyn Kelly Striking Fear in Donald Trump? I don’t think so.


Megyn Kelly

I’ll say it again. The vast majority of TV “news” anchors are NOT serious people.

I have told you many, many times on The Teri O’Brien Show that despite what they might say on CNN and MS-NBC, if you think you are getting the whole story or a “conservative” approach from Fox News, you are sadly mistaken. Number 1, Fox News is like any other television station; that is, short-attention span theater. Don’t get me wrong. It’s slightly less biased than those afore-mentioned cable outlets in that they don’t read press releases from the Clinton and Sanders’ campaigns verbatim, but they are not serious people. TV is not serious. If you want information about what is really going on in this country, and analysis of what it means to you and your family, you need to go elsewhere, as in blogs like this and podcasts (Shameless plug alert) like The Teri O’Brien Show.

Let me share an insight from my years of practicing real estate law that I think explains Donald Trump’s decision not to attend tomorrow night’s Fox News Debate. Mr. Trump is a real estate developer, which means for him, everything is a negotiation that involves a calculation of who has “hand,” and how to avoid looking weak.

When it comes to this debate, he believes that he has the upper hand in that Fox News has more to gain from having him there than he does. Since he didn’t appreciate Megyn Kelly’s attempt to use him to create a controversy that would give her more publicity and ingratiate her to liberals in that last debate, he is saying “Why do I need this?” The answer to that question is obvious in his mind. That’s what his decision not to appear at tomorrow’s debate is all about, not fear of Megyn Kelly. (PULEEZE!)

By the way, Fox fans, how much did you enjoy seeing Megyn Kelly yucking it up with the Round Mound Whose Lies Astound, Michael Moore?

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