Donald Trump Afraid of Megyn Kelly? Seriously? I Don’t Think So.

Megyn Kelly Striking Fear in Donald Trump? I don’t think so.


Megyn Kelly

I’ll say it again. The vast majority of TV “news” anchors are NOT serious people.

I have told you many, many times on The Teri O’Brien Show that despite what they might say on CNN and MS-NBC, if you think you are getting the whole story or a “conservative” approach from Fox News, you are sadly mistaken. Number 1, Fox News is like any other television station; that is, short-attention span theater. Don’t get me wrong. It’s slightly less biased than those afore-mentioned cable outlets in that they don’t read press releases from the Clinton and Sanders’ campaigns verbatim, but they are not serious people. TV is not serious. If you want information about what is really going on in this country, and analysis of what it means to you and your family, you need to go elsewhere, as in blogs like this and podcasts (Shameless plug alert) like The Teri O’Brien Show.

Let me share an insight from my years of practicing real estate law that I think explains Donald Trump’s decision not to attend tomorrow night’s Fox News Debate. Mr. Trump is a real estate developer, which means for him, everything is a negotiation that involves a calculation of who has “hand,” and how to avoid looking weak.

When it comes to this debate, he believes that he has the upper hand in that Fox News has more to gain from having him there than he does. Since he didn’t appreciate Megyn Kelly’s attempt to use him to create a controversy that would give her more publicity and ingratiate her to liberals in that last debate, he is saying “Why do I need this?” The answer to that question is obvious in his mind. That’s what his decision not to appear at tomorrow’s debate is all about, not fear of Megyn Kelly. (PULEEZE!)

By the way, Fox fans, how much did you enjoy seeing Megyn Kelly yucking it up with the Round Mound Whose Lies Astound, Michael Moore?

More here on Fox and their support for open borders.


  1. Michele Moore makes me want to strangle someone, and I am not a violent person. Fox news is becoming Faux news as they are not fair and balanced. Shepard” I Love Sheep” Smith is a lib in conservative clothing who HATES Trump, because he is a MAN. Shepard and Anderson Cooper have a lot on common with Obama and Rahm Emanuel.
    Needless, Megyn Kelly had the whale Michele Moore on and went after Donald. If anyone thinks she is fair and balanced, they are unbalanced.
    My major disappoint was that Dana Perrino was supportive of Megyn.
    I found that Fox is owned jointly by a Saudi Prince who has no use for America.
    We have lost any credible news media.
    My local newspaper has gone to the dark side and uses AP articles and the Oklahoman.
    I see at least I slam Trump cartoon per day.
    Unfortunately, the masses do not see what is happening.
    Do we have a prayer?????

    • Randy, as you may know, I am the kid who enters the room full of manure, and figures “there’s a pony in here somewhere,” and therefore, of course I think we have a prayer, provided we get steel in our spines and fight for our country. Poor ole Dana Perino has a raging case of what I call East Coast Brain Rot, and so she’s all in with the GOP Establishment, as is Fox News, which you realize. They have been in the tank for Jeb Bush for months. It’s not a coincidence that Karl Rove is on there all the time. Megyn’s interview with Michael Moore was beyond nauseating, and as you point out, there was NOTHING fair and balanced about it.
      Megyn is extremely ambitious, and I don’t doubt that she saw a great opportunity back in that last debate to not only get tons of publicity but to suck up to the rest of liberal Lame Stream Media. Maybe she thinks she can replace Lester Holt as the NBC News anchor. That’s the sort of thing I think she has in mind.

  2. Is it just me or does Me-Again look like she has some bad gas?

    • I can’t stand bacon grease, aka, Moore. Like Gore, he is full of feces. Megyn rips Trump whenever she can and is not fair, but unbalanced. I stopped watching her long ago. I watch Fox for less biased news, but am on the net at the same time getting informed. Doug Giles, Eagle Rising, Girls Just Want to Have Gums( Regis Giles), MRC, Newsmax, Pam Geller, Teri O’,Hot Air, Then Times of Israel, WND, and an Author w/ Irish Central help to broaden the news spectrum.

      • You have to go to alternative media today to get something other than pretend news about the presidential horse race (zero substance, just “here’s a new poll,” and “this guy is in first place” blah blah), celebutards, or “viral” videos of collisions and cute animals.

  3. The Husband said that her new hair style makes her look like the late David Bowie, but I think that’s a tad harsh.

  4. I think he said he would be “dating” his daughter if he weren’t married. Is that the same thing as having sex? I really don’t think he’s afraid of her. I think what I said is accurate. I dealt with a lot of these real estate developer guys and that’s how they analyze things.

  5. Thanks for posting the video, Danny. I appreciate it.

  6. However propaganda like Hillary, Chelsey and Webb Hubbell having something in common, and Bill allegedly shooting blanks, may have merit.

  7. I think that remark was designed to bait and yank the chains of the hags on the View, and supposed to be joke. As I well know, any time you try to be funny, it’s very risky. Poor taste? Perhaps, but I don’t think he was serious.

  8. Thanks, Bill. I appreciate your comment.

  9. The other thing I will mention here, because Bill, your comment is as good an opportunity as any, is that I’ve pretty much had it with people who disagree with others accusing them of being “afraid.” If you disapprove of behavior, the Left goes all Alinsky and says that you have a “phobia,” as in some sort of mental disorder because you don’t agree with them about whether a certain behavior is desirable. Nice try, but that’s another threadbare tactic that doesn’t work on many of us any more. You can think Trump is a loudmouth, a bore, a vulgarian, a thin-skinned, narcissistic nut, a rude, obnoxious empty suit and a clown. He may be all those things, but I cannot accept that he is afraid of Megyn Kelly or any other blow-dried, false eyelash wearing newsreader. That is ridiculous on its face. So when I hear the predictable yip yap (if he’s afraid of her, how will he deal with Putin, I want to stick a stiletto in my ear. PULEEZE liberals, get some new writers!

  10. Hi Peter,
    I actually haven’t endorsed anyone, including Trump, and I certainly can appreciate the accurate criticisms many thoughtful people have put forth about him.

    The purpose of this post was not to shill for Trump. It was to share the benefit of my experience of several years as a real estate lawyer working with these developer guys. I know how they think. They expect people to cow to them when they think they have “hand.” Everything is a negotiation, and an assessment of what is a “deal breaker.” They don’t think they have to tolerate things that they don’t like unless it’s necessary to make the deal. Clearly, Trump doesn’t think he needs to do this debate to win Iowa, so he’s decided “What do I need this for? I don’t.”

    I’ve never been very impressed with Megyn Kelly, and if you can watch that love fest she had with Michael Moore without throwing gagging, you’re a stronger person than I.

    I would be supporting Ted Cruz, but I can’t get past the fact that I don’t believe that he is an Article II natural born citizen. So, I’m still undecided.
    Thanks for your comment.

  11. Thanks Sahar. I appreciate the compliment and your comment. Have a great day! Best, T

  12. Right. As your comment indicates that you well know, so many television “journalists” spend a lot of time in the makeup chair and getting their hair blow-dried, but not so much really understanding what is going on. It reminds me of that Don Henley lyric from his song “Dirty Laundry,”: “I could have been an actor, but I wound up here. Ijust have to look good. I don’t have to be clear.”

  13. Probably a lover of Jeb and Megyn’s. The photo of her in the night gown may be a tip off. Talk about a bimbo eruption!

  14. It’s clear that Trump won last night without even being there. He controls the whole silly media circus when he’s there and when he’s not. He plays them masterfully, and, support him or not, (and remember, I haven’t endorsed anyone) one cannot help but watch without admiring his ability to expose them for the fools they are.

  15. As I have said many times, that whole “fear” meme has gotten very old, predictable and pointless.

  16. LOL! Glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Karen Petersen- Donald Trump would clean the clock of any ISIS or Muslim supporters if he went to the debate.
    On his Wounded warrior stage he will also be joined by Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum so they can show solidarity with the vets. There are between 500-600,000 homeless vets in this country and the POTUS could shive a git.
    No info yet about the Trump Rally will be on TV.

  18. Yes, as it turns out, and as we saw last night, they invited those YouTubers who were Muslim and illegal immigration activists. SO disappointing, but not a surprise.

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