VIDEO: Donald Trump is Everywhere, Even in Your Breakfast Meat: Kidders 93

Kidders 93, 3/8/16: Weekly dose of laughs from our weekly comedy hangout, featuring my comedian friends Tim Slagle and Dale Irvin. Please scroll down and enjoy!

Kidders 93: This week’s featured personalities: Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Colonel Sanders, some moron who waterboarded his girlfriend, and lots more!

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Kidders 93

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Happy “Little Tuesday” (and I don’t refer to Dale or Tim’s hands, Marco!)

Speaking of Sen. Marco Rubio aka Amnesty Boy, learn about the exciting project he’ll be working on once the inevitable happens, that is, he ends his failing campaign.

Stories Covered:

Was this a certain famous journalist’s nickname in high school, Tim wonders?

Companion Story (I can’t believe that they left out Dixville Notch!)

This is one crazy flight attendant!

Donald Trump is Everywhere, Even in Your Breakfast Meat

She didn’t read his Match profile carefully, apparently


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