Donald Trump, Drop the Mic: Carrier Keeping Nearly 1000 Jobs in Indianapolis, Obama Mocked

Even liberals have to admit it. Donald Trump isn’t even president yet, and he’s already getting results for the American people with the deal he made with Carrier to keep jobs in Indianapolis.

As opposed to Barack Obama, as we saw in this PBS Townhall from last June. Watch him here mock Donald Trump (at ~3:00), for even suggesting that he could get some of those Carrier jobs back. Pick up your jock, Jackass!

Watch lefty Cenk Uygur explain that Barack Obama could have done something to save the Carrier jobs, but he didn’t because he’s not that strong, and his default setting is “there’s nothing you can do.” (~1:35-2:05)

How terrific is it to be living in America now that Donald Trump has been elected president? Even before he was elected he made good on one of his campaign promises. When is the last time something like that happened?  We went from a president who views the Constitution as an obstacle and something to be overcome to a president who views excessive regulations and big government the obstacle. We went from a guy who was always looking for ways to steal money from the productive to buy the votes of the freeloaders to somebody wants to figure out how to make it possible for people who do want to work hard to achieve something fantastic.

Obama used his pen and phone to enable the lawlessness of illegal aliens. Donald J. Trump used his phone to save 1000 American jobs in Indiana.

Can you wait for January 20?

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