If You’re Wondering Why Donald Trump is Leading the GOP ’16 Pack, Watch This

Donald Trump introduced his tax plan about 40 minutes ago, and his presentation was awesome. Statements like this one will make his numbers go higher.


  1. twitter_C2ST_Artist

    I am a fan of yours but this seems a trivial and uninformed comment to post. Aside from the humanitarian question of how to treat people who’ve never been tried much less convicted lots of studies show that giving prisoners outdoor and recreation time cuts down on confinement-related psychosis, diminishes the detrimental effects of an enclosed environment and, most importantly, makes them easier to manage. Part of that effect is that activities like soccer gives management more tools of reward and punishment and absorbs physical and emotional energy that might otherwise be directed toward more dangerous activities.

    Here is what a US correctional corp has to say on the matter, http://go.shr.lc/1LiJg1m

    • I don’t disagree that physical activity is beneficial for everyone, even these sub-human terrorist dirtbags, so I don’t mind their having a soccer field, but I think Mr. Trump is correct that it need not cost $1 million. That’s the part that resonates with most Americans.
      Thanks so much for your comment!

    • Precisely. As I said, that’s what resonates with the average American.

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