Don’t Cross Her Wideness: Desireè Rogers Dissed by Valerie Jarrett

First, there was the Oprah. Now, former White House Social Secretary Desireè Rogers has been dissed. She has not been invited to the wedding of the year, this weekend’s nuptials for Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura. From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed:

“It’s so sad. Desiree and Valerie were once so close; family close,” said a friend of Rogers, who is now CEO of Johnson Publishing — one of the nation’s most prominent African-American Media companies.

Rogers, who saw her White House career careen into disarray for being “too glamorous” and promoting her version of “The Obama Brand” during President Barack Obama’s first year in office, has once again run into a sharp elbow.

“Desiree is not going and has not been invited,” said a top Sneed source.

The wedding will be in Valerie Jarrett’s backyard. Barack, Michelle and the girls will be there. Desireè’s ex-husband, John Rogers, has been invited. So has incompetent racialist Eric Holder.

How can this be? Wasn’t it just yesterday that Desireè and Valerie were BFF’s?

It was Jarrett who gave the blessing to hire Rogers, an elegant fashionista with a business administration degree from Harvard, for the White House job after Obama reportedly was impressed with her social fund-raising skills.

I think we may have our answer.

But when Rogers began capturing more press attention than the first lady; garnering praise for being glamorous; (emphasis mine) and being panned for a security lapse leading to uninvited guests crashing the president’s first state dinner, things changed.

It also didn’t help that the Rogers sizzle was being found on the covers of Vogue and Michigan Avenue as well as in clips and pix in Town & Country, Vanity Fair and Capitol File with clothes and jewelry being flashed in the Wall Street Journal magazine.

“A year after Michelle Obama became first lady, all that changed. There has been a total divorce. The old clique is gone,” a source said.

“Desiree unfortunately became the ‘glamour’ girl when she joined the White House staff—and there was room for only one glamour girl in the White House: Michelle Obama,” the source added. (emphasis mine)

Apparently, Desireè is as tone deaf about Michelle as Valerie “Always Wrong, Never in Doubt” Jarrett is about everything else. Desireè, Girlfriend, you were buying that whole phony Mom-in-Chief, who spontaneously makes a Target run, a cross between Martha Stewart and June Cleaver, Southside of Chicago home girl routine, a woman who “schtruggles” to help the fat and the disadvantaged? Seriously? She couldn’t even say the word “inauthenticity” without choking on it, as we heard during this episode of the show.

Her Highness is quite full of her affirmative-action self, and she doesn’t like to be upstaged. Remember how she reacted to being seated next to a genuinely attractive first lady?

I hate this French broad like poison!

Watch and learn, ladies. Don’t cross Michelle. Who will be next? David Axelrod, beware. She could come after you and your three chins.

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