Don’t You Hate It When Liberal Agendas Collide, and Other Random Thoughts

Is it just me …

,or does anyone else find it ridiculous to see Chris Matthews standing in front of Mt. Rushmore praising the freedom that the Founders fought for, when he has a man crush on a guy whose lifelong dream was giving the federal government the power and life and death over every single American? Oh, you haven’t seen that? Of course you haven’t. I forgot. I watch so you don’t have to. Trust me. The 24/7 nuthouse is running this promo for the Screamer during its regular programming. Chris, let me clue you in. Watching the Oval Office occupied by this Marxist bunch has the Founders spinning in their graves so fast that we could slice meat on their corpses!

,or do you also just hate it when liberal agendas collide?  Here’s the latest. Day care makes kids fat. So, Moochelle Obama’s crusade against childhood obesity has run smack into the career aspirations that she and her feminist allies say all women should desire. What’s a modern woman to do? Put on the power suit, grab the briefcase, drop off the kid at day care, only to discover she’s raising a future Michael Moore? Talk about a war on women!

,or did you also ever think that there would never be a governor that would be so buffoonish that he would make California’s Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown look like sane? Illinois governor Pat Quinn has done it. I’ve always told you that liberals are like children, with the luxury in indulging their silly, unrealistic beliefs and their predictable tantrums over the “unfairness” of life. Now, Gov. Pruneface has produced a ridiculous video to “educate” the public, featuring some typical, jowly, political foot soldier, narrating this unintentionally hilarious and amateurish production. (Scroll down to see it.). There’s only one question about this video. It’s not “why are the democrats being so dishonest about how we got into this mess?” or “Couldn’t they find anyone to star in this ridiculous waste of time who has a face that you could look at without shuddering?” No, there are actually two questions; specifically, (1) “how many thousands of taxpayer dollars did the Gov’s office spend on this mess?” and (2) “which politician’s relative produced it?”


  1. Oh this comment is very good, Garnet. I will address it on tomorrow’s show.

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