Obama Presser Drinking Game!

Teri, you really need to get a siren (pronounced Sy’- reen)

Why does this matter? Because a president’s credibility matters. President Bush’s second term effectively ended when Americans grew tired of his administration’s spinning and dissembling over Iraq and Katrina. They stopped trusting him. They stopped listening to him. He no longer had the moral authority to lead.

It’s far too early in this perfect storm of controversy to condemn Obama to Bush’s fate, but he and his advisers face a credibility crisis. A news conference at the White House later today gives Obama a chance to convince Americans that he is still worthy of their trust.

What, at this point, does it matter? Heh.

A news conference will convince people he can be trusted? That is the most pathetic line I’ve ever heard. He’s a liar. Liars cannot be trusted.

The over and under is 10.5 questions.

Softball questions are worth 2 points.

Hardball questions are worth 5 points.

Softball will win the press conference, in minutes of answers, as well as by the point method.

Every “me” “my” or “I” is a worth a drink, come prepared with a designated driver, and a bottle of aspirin.

Winner gets a photo of Helen Thomas in a fuzzy thong with a come-hither look.

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