Drop the Scary Emojis and No One Gets Hurt!

Emojis run afoul of political correctness. Gee, could this sort of thing have anything to do with the stunning rise of Donald Trump?


From Time Magazine:

Emojis are quickly becoming the language of the Internet, but with that power comes a raft of new legal issues. Cases are beginning to emerge in which police charge people — often kids — for using emoji in ways that they deem threatening.

According to a Washington Post feature on the subject, a 12-year-old girl in Fairfax, Va. was charged with threatening her school and computer harassment because she posted a message on Instagram that included a bomb, knife and gun emojis and the phrase “meet me in the Library.”

Fairfax County Schools ultimately concluded the threat was not credible, but the outcome of the case in juvenile court is unclear.

Next thing you know the schools will send kids to detention for making a gun-like gesture with their hands. Oh wait …


  1. Also, be very careful how you bite that pop tart.~:-)

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