Duds and Scuds

More and more people have to go outside the U.S. to get real news. Like this from The Guardian:


Researchers at the security company Symantec have discovered an early version of the “Stuxnet” computer virus that was used to attack nuclear reprocessing plants in Iran, in what they say is a “missing link” dating back to 2005.

So, what they are telling us is, just like the mission to dispatch bin Laden, this mission to cripple the Iranian nuclear program is all Bush’s fault.

The discovery means that the US and Israel, who are believed to have jointly developed the software in order to carry out an almost undetectable attack on Iran’s nuclear bomb-making ambitions, were working on the scheme long before it came to public notice – and that development of Stuxnet, and its forerunner, began under the presidency of George W Bush, rather than being a scheme hatched during Barack Obama’s first term.

Yikes, that’s gunna leave a mark. Everything good thing that happens seems to be directly attributable to George Bush. Unless you call aiding the Muslim brotherhood a good thing. Doesn’t it seem as though Bush and Obama have taken diametrically opposing sides when it comes to Syria and Iran?


“Stuxnet 0.5 was submitted to a malware scanning service in November 2007 and could have begun operation as early as November 2005,” Symantec notes in a report.

Whomever built this computer worm checked his work first to see if it would be flagged as malware. That’s pretty good. When it wasn’t spotted, it was ready for operation. The malware scan in Novemebr of ’07 was two months after Operation Orchard – the bombing of the Syrian Nuclear facility. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, I read today that an al Qui’ada affiliate, supported by this president, has acquired Scud missiles.

Other than mothballing the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, sending aid to the al Qui’ada linked militias in Sryia, and F-16’s and 200 M1A1 Abrams tanks to Egypt- what exactly has Mr. Obama done to project American power across the globe?

I mean other then sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea. That was brilliant- the Norks are probably laughing themselves to death right now.



  1. Perhaps a Special Subcommittee on Intergalactic Culture is in order. Give my best to the inhabitants of Aspidiske VII, won’t you?

    Nice try.

  2. Our friend Jorj, who incidentally was created on BookFace three weeks before this post, fancies himself as a “saboteur extraordinary”.


    I would have caught it sooner, but that statement was so idiotic, it didn’t deserve a response.

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