More East Coast Brain Rot on Display: Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal on Syria

Another East Coast elitist urges Republicans to be bigger and more principled than Barack Obama, apparently because it’s super important to make sure that the Democrats take over the House in 2014. From The Wall Street Journal:

Americans do not want to think that the president is making grave decisions about military action and U.S. standing on the basis of political calculation. Yet Mr. Obama has treated Syria as a political problem from the start, viewing it almost solely as a liability to the administration’s public-opinion polling, its presidential electioneering and its rival domestic priorities. Viewing Mr. Obama’s punt to Congress as anything but political is almost impossible. And yet the president again lectures Congress to rise above the “partisan” politics that he has, with great calculation, dumped on them.

The challenge for Republicans is to do just that, to remember (no matter how painful) that this is not a vote about the president or his machinations. The only question before Republicans is this: Will they send a message to the world’s despots that America will not tolerate the use of weapons of mass destruction? If they will not send that message, they risk complicity in this president’s failed foreign policy.

Wrong, Kim. Barack Obama has shown contempt for Congress, and has demonstrated that he feels free to do whatever he pleases whenever he pleases, Constitution and rule of law be damned. He’s the one who took out his crayon and drew the infamous “red line.” He owns it, and should be made to continue to own it.

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