Ebola and Enterovirus, Agents of Obama’s Remaking of America

Remember this quote from Obama’s (Ayers’) book? It tells us everything we need to know about why we are suddenly seeing Ebola and Enterovirus in our country.

Let’s be clear about why we are suddenly seeing enterovirus, a disease that is now in 42 states and in the District of Columbia, and which hasn’t been seen in this country since the 1960’s, in this country. It is the same reason that we now have the extremely deadly Ebola virus in our country. Two words: political correctness. But for the left-wing ideology, which is obsessed with the “unfairness” and “racism” of America (Amerika) that governs every decision made by Barack Obama and his administration, flights from West Africa would have been banned from this country months ago. Instead, the Regime, which considers it inappropriate for our military to go to the MIddle East and make short work of destroying the Islamic lunatics who beheaded two Americans, sends 3000 troops to Ground Zero of the Ebola outbreak.

Emily Otrando, Casualty of Obama's Political Correct, Left-wing Ideology

Casualty of Obama’s Political Correct, Left-wing Ideology

For Barack Obama, the United States is to the rest of the world what the suburbs he so despises are to the urban areas where he is a virtual demi-god; that is, a bastion of white privilege, where white people insulate themselves from the disease, poverty and misery that people in the 3rd world suffer. Why should you or your family not be at risk for dying of Ebola just like some guy who wasn’t lucky enough to be born here? Why should your children not be at risk for getting enterovirus or drug-resistant TB, just like a child from Honduras? That’s not fair, you see, and Barack is here to fix that.

Payback can be a bitch, especially if you happen to have the bad luck to come down with a fatal disease that we eradicated in this country decades ago, but at least your survivors can take comfort in knowing that the United States is no longer the imperialistic, racist force for unfairness in the world that it has been for a couple of hundred years.

All hail, King Barack!



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