Egypt Erupting. Non Natural Born Citizen/Islamist Enabler Obama AWOL AGAIN

Just back from his $100 million taxpayer funded excellent African adventure, during which he reminded us again, that in his heart, he is anything but American, Obama mouthed some pro-American remarks, using some members of the military as props AGAIN, while the repellant First Klingon could barely refrain from rolling her eyes.

Now, in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is staging their promised Friday of Rejection, and Fox News is reporting that 3 people have been killed during riots in Egypt, where is the One?

Remember when we had a real president?


  1. I explained the difference between being born on American soil and being an Article II “Natural Born Citizen”here. As I have been saying for over 3 years, unless Frank Marshall Davis was his biological father, which I concede is a possibility, Barack Obama is not an Article II natural born citizen, even though pompous Lame Stream Media gasbags, along with most Americans, don’t know seem to know the difference between an Article II “natural born citizen,” a “native born citizen,” or an anchor baby. Way to go, leftists! Your mission to dumb down the population has been a success! BTW, neither is Sen. Marco Rubio.

  2. I never said he’s not a “citizen.” I said he’s not an Article II “natural born citizen.” Big difference explained here
    What’s your source for the assertion that he had to submit all that documentation in his “running papers?” As I recall, the democrat party of Hawaii refused to certify that he was eligible. Why exactly was that?

  3. As I hope you know by now, my belief that B. Hussein is not an Art. II NBC has nothing to do with his birthplace. He could have been born in the Capitol rotunda & he’s still not an NBC because his father wasn’t a citizen at the time of his birth.
    That being said, how do those of you who militantly declare that Obama was born in the USA deal with the fact that until 2007 his publisher claimed he was born in Kenya?

  4. Where exactly is the “racism?” Please be specific. I don’t have “followers.” My listeners/readers are a community of fiercely independent, well-informed, intelligent patriots.

  5. My typing skills are a constant source of distress!

  6. Really, where?

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