Eight Phrases to Expect From Barack Obama During Tonight’s Debate

Obama’s mouthpieces in the Lame Stream Media are salivating at the prospect of an energized Barack Obama coming out swinging during tonight’s debate, and offering a spirited defense of his record. It is hilarious to watch them scratch their heads and wonder not only why he didn’t proudly list his “achievements” in that last debate, but also why he hasn’t gotten the country excited at the prospect of a second Obama term by telling us all the wonderful things he plans to do. Gee, that is a real mystery, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t he want to take credit for the following amazing accomplishments:

Raming through an unpopular takeover of the health care system by the federal government, using the bare knuckle style politics, featuring bribery, back room deals and the other slimy tactics, he learned in Chicago?

Throwing billions down various social welfare and “green energy” ratholes?

Deficits of over a trillion dollars every year of his presidency?

Doing a little blow?

Of course, his acolytes aren’t describing those “accomplishments.” Instead, they resort to the same vague, meaningless, threadbare slogans that they’ve been reciting for months. Here’s a list of the ones I expect he will manage to work in somehow.

“The same policies that caused the economic mess in the first place”

Right, remember those terrible policies of the evil George W. Bush that resulted in unemployment of 5.6%? The answer to this predictable, silly clichè is to demand that he tell us specifically which policies to which he refers. Does he mean the policy enacted after certain community organizers used the threats of race-based lawsuits to force lenders to give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them in the interest of “fairness?”

Expect to hear something like this tonight:

Now Gov. (Mitt) Romney believes that with even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy, and fewer regulations on Wall Street, all of us will prosper. In other words, he’d double down on the same trickle-down policies that led to the crisis in the first place.”

As Jonah Goldberg notes in the piece that cites this hackneyed collection of left-wing drivel, the correct answer is “what are you talking about?” B. Hussein has no clue about how the free market works, and tonight if Mitt is smart he will put that on display.

“What I Inherited”

Boo freakin’ hoo. You asked for this job, Pal. In addition, as this excellent piece by C. Edmund Wright in The American Thinker, “Obama ‘Inherited Only Obama” points out, what Obama inherited were the results of the policies that he and his fellow liberals have been advocating for decades.

The Obama campaign is using the “horrible situation poor Barack inherited” meme in its latest ad, voiced by Morgan Freeman, which says “every president inherits challenges. Few have faced so many.” In a word, that claim is ridiculous, and the only people who don’t realize it are the sort of low information people, completely ignorant of American history, that might still consider voting for this clown. The ad also says that “our enemies have been brought to justice.” Unless by “our enemies” they mean that California filmmaker who made that “reprehensible” “anti-Muslim” video, who we saw dragged off to jail in the middle of the night wrapped up like that poor woman who had her face ripped off by a chimpanzee, I question that claim. Didn’t al Qaeda just have its greatest success in years, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, by murdering 4 Americans, including the ambassador in Libya?

“Rescued the auto industry”

Now that would be an accomplishment. Too bad it isn’t true. The auto bailout began under George W. Bush. I guess this auto bailout thing is one part of his “inheritance” that Barry is happy to take credit for. Nor is it true that, unlike that evil Thurston Howell type, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama saved General Motors from bankruptcy. GM went bankrupt, however, it did so Obama-style, as in with the One substituting his idea of “fairness” for centuries of long-standing law. Who needs contract law when you have a preternatural intelligence in charge? In the GM case, not only did the bondholders get screwed, so Barry could pay off his union buddies, so did non-union retirees of Delphi, a GM parts supplier. The bottom line is that, even though Chrysler repaid its loan, the taxpayers are out $1 billion on that deal. As for GM, the taxpayers still own 26.5% of the stock, and the share price has to reach $53 for us to get our money back. It closed today at $24.79.

“Brought economy back from the brink”

The answer to this one is beyond obvious. We are experiencing the worst recovery since World War II. There are at least 23 million Americans who want full time work and can’t find it. There are more Americans on food stamps than in any time in history. The labor participation rate is at an all-time low. As he has said before, Gov. Romney need only to say “This may be the best Barack Obama can do. It’s not the best America can do.”

“there are a bunch of millionaires who aren’t paying taxes.”

This line, which Obama uttered at that embarrassing Univision event a couple of weeks ago, needs to be retired to the same trash heap as the clichè about “the Bush tax cuts.” Aren’t they really the “Bush-Obama tax cuts,” since he agreed to extend them for everyone in December 2010? At the time, he said it would damage our economy to raise taxes, and the economy was stronger then than it is now. He admitted to Charlie Gibson in 2008 that even if reducing tax rates would increase revenue to the treasury, he would oppose that policy because of “fairness.” He’s an ideologue who believes it’s the federal government’s role to redistribute wealth. Pure and simple.

“Everybody pays his fair share and everybody gets a fair shot” 

See above re those mythical millionaires who don’t pay taxes.

“I killed Osama bin Laden”

Yes, Osama is dead. Unfortunately, so are J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Osama bin Laden is the Ray Croc of al Qaeda. He’s gone, and Mickey D’s goes on. Ditto our Islamist enemies, emboldened by Obama’s brilliant “leading from behind,” otherwise known as “following.”

Tonight’s town hall style event will give the Dear Reader plenty of opportunities for demagoguery and repetition of these tired lines, no doubt with the enthusiastic assistance of the moderator. Fortunately, Mitt Romney is smart, has command of the facts, and is able to think on his feet, which gives him three advantages over Obama.


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