Eighteen Years Ago, the U.S. Government Incinerated 76 at Waco

Back in 1993, during the early days of the previous first black president’s administration, the federal government mounted its infamous tank assault at Waco. Seventy-six people died in the resulting fire. Because it was a democrat administration, the media got busy creating and promulgating the Official Story; specifically, that the tragedy was caused by a crazy Bible-thumping, sexual degenerate/gun nut and his cult, who resisted Janet Reno’s brave ATF. Needless to say, that’s not what happened. You can learn the rest of the story by watching the excellent documentary “Waco: The Rules of Engagement.” Even pretentious film reviewer/angry liberal Roger Ebert had his head set straight by a single viewing. He wrote:

Like many news-drenched Americans, I paid only casual attention to the standoff at Waco, Texas, between the Branch Davidians and two agencies of the federal government. I came away with the vague impression that the “cult,” as it was always styled, was a group of gun-toting crackpots, that they killed several U.S. agents, refused to negotiate and finally shot themselves and burned down their “compound” after the feds tried to end the siege peacefully with tear gas.

Watching William Gazecki’s remarkable documentary “Waco: The Rules of Engagement,” I am more inclined to use the words “religion” than “cult,” and “church center” than “compound.” Yes, the Branch Davidians had some strange beliefs, but no weirder than those held by many other religions. And it is pretty clear, on the basis of this film, that the original raid was staged as a publicity stunt, and the final raid was a government riot–a tragedy caused by uniformed boys with toys.

I also commend to your attention another insightful article by author and Teri O’Brien Show guest Jack Cashill, “What Al Sharpton Doesn’t Know About Waco.


  1. Apparently the left is OK with the government burning Christians but those Christians better not dare burn any korans!

    • Great point, Robert. Not only that, if any one does burn a koran, that justifies Islamic fanatics’ murdering human beings. Makes total sense, no?

  2. Thank you Teri. I am continuously appalled and disgusted by the flimsy and petty excuses used by muslim fanatics to commit the most heinous and atrocious acts of violence against anybody unfortunate enough to fall into their hands.

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