Election Night 2016: Updating Regularly

As you know, the critical states are Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and New Hampshire. We are also watching Michigan, Colorado, and Nevada.


To early to call any of those, but here are some updates. I will updating this post throughout the night until a winner is declared or I fall asleep.

FLORIDA UPDATE: with 95% of vote, Trump still leads

Current Electoral College Votes

Trump: 244, Clinton 215

States called for Trump: Kentucky, South Carolina,  Missouri, Indiana, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Wyoming, Idaho

States called for Hillary: Illinois, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, District of Columbia


Trump 49.1 to Hillary 47.9

North Carolina

Still too close to call. Hillary appears up about 60,000 votes.


Trump currently up 50.2, to 44.9 for HRC

Todd Young wins Indiana Senate seat against Evan Bayh.

Marco Rubio wins re-election against Patrick Murphy.

Stay tuned.



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