Elizabeth Warren Explains Corporate Law: Corporations Don’t Dance

Dumbass would-be Cherokee/screeching harpy Elizabeth Warren demonstrates her utter cluelessness about the basic corporate law any second-year law student would be expected to understand.

It turns out that she’s as knowledgeable about corporate law as she is about genealogy. As  UCLA Law Professor Stephen Bainbridge points out in a post entitled “The Corporation is a Legal Person Get Over It,”

the proposition that the corporation is a legal person with (most of) the same rights as natural persons has been settled as a matter of constitutional law since at least 1885 and, as a matter of common law, for centuries before that.

Squaw in heap big confusion.

Either Ms. Warren doesn’t understand basic corporate law, or–I know that what I’m about to say might be hard to believe of a liberal, but bear with me, please–she’s engaging in demagoguery designed to appeal to low-information, emotionally-driven, slogan-repeating fools. Clearly from Barack Obama down, all liberal democrats have concluded that the Left’s 50-year long effort here in the U.S. to dumb down the population and render them virtually unacquainted with our founding documents has succeeded so well that they can blatantly misrepresent our laws and traditions to their moronic voters.


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