Emails Show Hillary Delighted That Her Work Helped Free Gitmo Detainee Murderer

I refer to Omar Khadr, who Hillary and her State Department legal advisor Harold Koh worked hard to get transferred to a Canadian prison.

From the Daily Caller:

He had been at the Cuban facility since 2002 when he was detained in Afghanistan during a firefight with American soldiers. Then a 15-year-old child soldier, Khadr was accused of throwing a grenade that killed Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer, a member of a U.S. Army Special Forces Unit.

In an Oct. 2010 plea deal — reportedly pushed by Clinton — Khadr was given an eight year prison sentence after he admitted to murdering Speer and to planting improvised explosive devices and training with al-Qaeda. He has since repudiated his claim that he killed Speer, saying now that he only confessed in order to get out of Gitmo, where he claims he was tortured. Khadr has not repudiated his admission to having thrown the explosive, however. He has said he threw it out of fear and without intending to kill Speer.

This guy sounds like a regular Mumia, Jr. And now, he’s out of the Canadian medium-security prison after an Alberta judge granted him bail.

Note that the article points out that Hillary personally intervened with the then Canadian foreign minister Lawrence Cannon to make this happen. Perhaps Ambassador Stevens should have had one of the Gitmo detainees send Hillary one of those 600 requests he made for additional security before he was murdered by Islamist terrorists in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11.

More from the Daily Caller article:

According to an NBC News report at the time, Clinton called Cannon to make a deal to transfer Khadr. That allowed the Obama administration to avoid taking Khadr to trial. The move was reportedly made against the wishes of U.S. military prosecutors.

The plea agreement-and-transfer provided the administration with several benefits. It allowed Obama to escape criticism from human rights groups who opposed putting a former child soldier on trial. It also reduced the number of Gitmo detainees by one.

As Koh wrote in the newly-released email chain: “Gtmo is 1 down!! Yayy!”

On second thought, maybe Ambassador Stevens should have requested a transfer to Gitmo. Then Hillary and her minions at the State Department would have paid as much attention to him as they did to this dirtbag.


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