Enemy Within: 5th Column Media Playing America Again, 7:1 anti Trump

5th Column Media: We’ve known for decades that they have a blatant liberal bias. This year, they have abandoned that in favor of an all-out war on the Republican party’s nominee, Donald J. Trump.

5th Column

A new Wikileaks bombshell drops every single day, each of them showing the breathtaking corruption of the dinosaur media and the democrat party; however, just as the information about Hillary Clinton’s violation of numerous federal statutes and the unprecedented coverup of her lawlessness and that of the Obama Regime that has been protecting her.

Here are some of the things that we have learned from the Wikileaks revelations:

Behind closed doors, Hillary Clinton confirmed to her Wall Street contributors what we’ve known all along (but which many in the public do not); specifically, that Hillary’s “dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

Hillary confirmed that as a politician, you need to say one thing to the public and another thing behind closed doors. (When Donald Trump raised this issue at the 2nd Presidential debate, Hillary lamely claimed that she was referring to Abraham Lincoln and the debate over the 13th Amendment, thereby inadvertently confirming the authenticity of the Wikileaks documents.)

John Podesta was concerned about Hillary’s penchant for not telling the truth.

Hillary Clinton included classified information in her speeches to her Wall Street donors, which was dangerous, damaging to national security, and could have endangered the lives of our human assets. Now we know why she got the big bucks!

Donna Brazile, a CNN contributor, prior to a debate, leaked a question about the death penalty to the Clinton campaign.

John Harwood, of CNBC, bragged to John Podesta about denigrating Donald Trump when he moderated a debate.

New York Times’ “reporter” Mark Leibovich gave Hillary veto power over what quotes he could use in his story.

5th column

There’s more, but I think I’ve made my point. Americans who get their information from the pretend news on the traditional 20th century networks, or even cable ones, don’t know most of this stuff, just as they don’t know the extent of the coverup of Hillary’s crimes. Americans who have heard none of this information have been bombarded with endless slander about Donald Trump and his behavior over a decade ago.

It has been one week since NBC and the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times, in concert with the Clinton campaign, launched their October surprise, using the same old play again that they’ve used time and again.

If Americans are stupid enough to fall for this hackneyed scam again, this country will continue the decline that began with the election of our first affirmative-action assisted Marxist. God help us.

What should the GOP and the Trump campaign do to fight the corrupt, 5th column media that is determined to deceive the public in the service of the most corrupt politician ever to run for president, Hillary Clinton?


  1. We will know after the results of the presidential election whether the country is too far gone after 8 years of Obama’s “remaking.”

  2. Clearly, when used by democrats, “wild west” means a jurisdiction where you get to exercise your liberty without .he federal government restricting your rights.

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