Enough Already with the Ray Rice-a-Roni From Liberal Hypocrite Feminist Shrews


Come on, Feminist Shrew. Enough already with Mr. And Mrs. Ray Rice!

I’m starting to think that the Lame Stream Media obsession with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rice, and their elevator drama is a deliberate effort to avoid reporting any actual serious news; specifically, (1) the fact that Obama’s reactive, ill-conceived  foreign policy, as reflected by that incomprehensible, horrible speech last Wednesday night, is and is almost certainly going to continue to be disaster (2) our porous Southern “border,” which apparently is being eyed by Islamic lunatics seeking to murder as many Americans as possible and (3) the sudden and dramatic increase in the number of children infected with enterovirus EV-D68, flooding emergency rooms from Missouri to Alabama and several other states, which has some of us asking whether we need to connect some dots. Is it a coincidence that this virus, which hasn’t been seen more than 100 times in this country since the 1960’s, is suddenly appearing right after the “unaccompanied alien minors,” which were actually mostly single women and children started invading our country?

The current Ray Rice hysteria, featuring feminist shrews demanding the resignation of NFL commission Roger Goddell, and 16 female senators sending Mr. Goddell a letter expressing their deep “concern” over domestic abuse in the NFL, is a much more important story, of course. Don’t you love the way politicians always get really “concerned” during election years, especially when they are trying to change the subject? I am still waiting for one of these “concerned” female activists and politicians to express “concern” about the activities of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who actually killed a woman, or Bill Clinton, who raped Juanita Broderick, sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey and committed the ultimate “power relationship” sexual harassment with intern Monica Lewinsky. One of the signatories to the letter to Roger Goddell is Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Schumer Sock puppet). She recently penned a book about her experiences in politics. In it, she recounted several obnoxious comments about her appearance from male colleagues. Interestingly, she refused to identify these sexist pigs. Could it be that, like Sen. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, these enthusiastic combatants in the “War on Women,” who told Gillebrand she was fat, are democrats, or am I being cynical again?

No one condones the behavior depicted on the infamous Rice elevator video tape. That goes without saying. I take that back. One person who seems to condone it is Mrs. Ray Rice, the former Janay Palmer. She married him after this incident, and recommended to the prosecutors that he be allowed to the pre-trial intervention program that allowed him to avoid jail time. Get over it, Gals. Didn’t you tell us that if Hillary Clinton was ok with Bill Clinton’s behavior we should be too?

Another politician, New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney, is trying to get in on this action, rushing to the head of the mob to say that he wants New Jersey’s Acting Attorney General to investigate the decision to let Ray Rice enter the intervention program. Seriously, Senator? That is the biggest problem you have in New Jersey?

One more question for our liberal friends. Do you find it ironic that you, who have worked 24/7 for decades to destroy the traditional family and denigrate the role of fathers, are now whining about the inevitable result of your success? How was Ray Rice supposed to learn how to be a man? He grew up in the projects. His father, Calvin Reed, was killed in a drive by shooting when he was only a year old. I don’t know if Mr. Reed ever married Janet Rice, but I doubt it. Do those facts from Mr. Rice’s biography have any relevance, or aren’t we supposed to ask that uncomfortable question?


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