Entire David Kopel Interview

As you know, I was fortunate to be able to interview David Kopel, Research Director of Colorado’s Independence Institute, Adjunct Professor of Advanced Constitutional Law, Denver University, Sturm College of Law and one of America’s leading experts on the Second Amendment. You can see his excellent testimony before the Senate here on his website.

We aired Part One of the interview on the 2/24/13 edition of the show, and we were planning to air Part Two on last Sunday’s show. That was before “the sequester” and Dennis “Nork Dictator is AWESOME” Rodman popped up the breaking news. So, here’s the entire interview, which is approximately 28 minutes total, in 5 bite-sized parts. Enjoy!

Dave_Kopel-TOB_Show-02152013-Part 1

Dave_Kopel-TOB_Show-02152013-Part 2

Dave_Kopel-TOB_Show-02152013-Part 3

Dave_Kopel-TOB_Show-02152013-Part 4

Dave_Kopel-TOB_Show-02152013-Part 5

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