Epipen Outcry: Surprise! Blame Obamacare

Epipen Outcry: Over the last several days, news reports have been filled with the outcry over the 400+% increase in the cost of epipens, which dispense essential life-saving medications for people with allergies, including children with food allergies.

Naturally, the pretend news, in that charming and ridiculously superficial way that they have, are ranting and raving about Evil Big Pharma, this time their outrage focused on Mylan, the manufacturer of the epipens, and the dramatic increase in their CEO’s pay (from $2,453,456. In 2015 she earned $18,931,068, NBC reported.

This story on Good Moron America did report Mylan’s response about people being involvined in “high deductible plans.” MMM… What could be the cause of that?

Ah yes, class envy! The greed of the 1%! Not so fast. Before you become a volunteer for wacko Green Party candidate Jill Stein or join the Communist Party, look below the surface. Wake up and smell the government!

Many, many middle class Americans, the 85% who lived the “Ward and June Cleaver” lifestyle (albeit in a 21-st Century version with Mom working outside the home in some cases), married couples and their children living in the suburbs, working for corporate America and receiving employer-provided health insurance, in other words, the people that Barack Obama believed deserved payback for their “white privilege,” used to get these epipens, along with other medications, for an affordable co-pay. Obamacare was designed to “fix” that because it wasn’t “fair.” Why should the children of parents who work at least 40 hours a week to provide for them have access to better health care than the serial baby momma, the wino, or the stinky guy pushing the shopping cart and swearing at his imaginary friend? No no no! Payback’s a bitch, my suburban friends, and now you will pay for the Downtrodden as well as for your own health care. Don’t worry. You can afford it. Obamacare is not insurance, as I have been telling you for over 7 years, because once the medical underwriting is removed, the program is not insurance. It’s income redistribution pure and simple. Hence the high deductibles, as insurance companies find a way to pay for all the freeloaders who are the favored in Obama’s America.

I direct your attention to a piece from way in 2013, “The Definitive Guide to How Obamacare is Destroying American Lives,” at The Matt Walsh Blog. He put out a call to readers soliciting stories about how Obamacare had impacted their lives. I would encourage you to read the whole thing. It is EXTREMELY telling. Here’s one response, especially on point since we’re talking about the epipen:

How many times did President Obama say, “If you like your plan you can keep it.” Lie. We got a letter stating that due to the Affordable Care Act, our insurance company can no longer offer our plan. The closest thing they can offer to the plan we had increases the cost of health insurance (premiums) and healthcare (out of pocket) for our family by $10,027.28 over the $13,295 we paid in 2013. And that does not even include orthodontics and glasses/contacts which cost our family around $2,500 per year. And how many times did we hear, “You can keep your doctor.” Well, technically, but it’s going to cost us an extra $3000 to keep our family physician, my OB and our choice of hospital. There is no Catholic hospital on the list of preferred facilities we got from our insurance company. Coincidence? Probably not. In a nutshell: We can’t keep our plan. We are paying more ($10,026.28 – 75% more) to get less, and to keep our doctors will cost us $3000. We are contemplating going without insurance altogether. I am expecting a baby in April, and I am seriously considering skipping the recovery room because we can’t afford it. How does this improve healthcare? (emphasis in original post)

My 14 year old son has a life threatening milk allergy. He must have 2 EpiPens available where ever he is, or a total of 6 EpiPens. We have two at home, one in the nurses office at school and he wears one on a belt every day to school, and we have two in a “medicine bag” at home that he takes with him whenever he leaves the house (other than school).

Up until last year, his EpiPens cost us $25 for a twin pack to refill. So we were spending on average $75 – $100 a year on his life saving medication. As soon as it became mandated that employers pick up the cost of birth control (which is I believe a portion of Obamacare that went into effect last August), my husband’s employer reconfigured their prescription tiers. Because, although birth control pills (which are a CHOICE) are free to consumers now, they are not free. The shift in prescription drug tiers included moving my son’s LIFE SAVING medication, which is not a CHOICE, to a different tier and we began paying nearly $70 for each refill.

This past year, my husband got a new job with different insurance. Our new prescription plan is even worse for my son’s life saving medication. We now pay $100 for every twin pack. We will now spend $300 – $400 per year in refills for his LIFE SAVING medication. (emphasis mine)

Of course, now numerous political weasels in Congress, including democrats who are YUGE Obamacare supporters like Minnesota’s Sen. Amy Klobuchar, are outraged about this epipen price increase, demanding hearings and otherwise trying to pretend to be bystanders, when in fact it is the very policies that they support that have caused this problem. They hope that their constituents won’t figure it out.

I wonder how many of these hard-working middle class families, believing in Obama’s “hope and change” con voted for the very guy who created this problem for them on purpose? If you know anyone like that, perhaps you should share this post with them and on your social network sites to clue them in.

Yes, as I always like to remind you of the immortal words of the late William F. Buckley, “Decent people should ignore politics, if only they could be confident that politics would ignore them.” Those words are worth remembering as we approach the next presidential election.

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