WATCH: Even LSM Journalists Know That Latest Email Release Proves Hillary Lied

As we discussed on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, late Friday, Judicial Watch released new emails that prove conclusively that Hillary Clinton lied and endangered national security. Even lame stream media journalists can see.

Most lame stream media journalists have been working overtime to cover up for Hillary Clinton, but even they are having a tough time continuing the charade. From The Washington Free Beacon:

An email Hillary Clinton failed to turn over to the State Department from her home-brewed server revealed she lied about using the private system for convenience, Face The Nation panelist Susan Page said on Sunday.

The CBS Sunday show squeezed the news into the final 20 seconds of one of its panel segments. The State Department admitted on Thursday that Clinton didn’t turn over the 2010 email where she told aide Huma Abedin she wanted a “separate address or device” for fear of “the personal being accessible.”

“Didn’t turn over an email that showed there were problems with her server,” host John Dickerson said. “That’s not good.”

“An important disclosure for two reasons,” Page said. “She gave a different explanation for why she had a private email server. She was concerned about the personal being accessible. It wasn’t a matter of convenience, which is what she told the world. Secondly, she didn’t turn it over. She deleted this email apparently, and it came up because it came through the aide that she had sent it to, so it goes right to those questions about honesty, trustworthiness, transparency.”

So, Susan, you won’t be voting for Hillary, right?

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