More Evidence That The Corporate Bozos Running Airlines are COMPLETE Idiots: Dog Dies After UA Flight Attendant Demands He Ride in Overhead Bin

Thanks, United, for killing this dog!

First there was the revolting corporate virtue signaling from the pinheads at Delta Airlines, proving how much the “care” about school shootings by revoking discounts to members of the National Rifle Association, which of course makes sense because it was really horrible the way Wayne LaPierre killed those people in Parkland, Florida–oh wait. It wasn’t him or anyone in the NRA. They had NOTHING to do with those murders. The morons running Delta lost a $40 million tax subsidy as a result, but at least their bonehead CEO and the rest of their management showed us! Then there were the management mental midgets at United Airlines deciding that instead of performance bonuses. they would institute a lottery for employees. What could possibly go wrong? It’s every bit as great an incentive for employees to do an outstanding job to have the same opportunity as the worst slacker in the place to win the big lottery prize. Who can’t see that? Answer: anyone with more than a single digit IQ, which obviously does not include the suits running United. Now this horrible story.

From The Hill:

A dog died aboard a United Airlines flight this week after spending the duration of the trip in an overhead compartment.

A social media user posted to Twitter about the incident early Tuesday morning, blaming the dog’s death on an airline flight attendant.

“I want to help this woman and her daughter. They lost their dog because of an @united flight attendant. My heart is broken,” Maggie Gremminger wrote on Twitter.

June Lara, a passenger aboard flight UA1284, wrote on Facebook that the flight attendant “insisted” the dog be placed in the overhead bin.

They assured the safety of the family’s pet so wearily, the mother agreed,” Lara wrote.

“There was no sound as we landed and opened his kennel. There was no movement as his family called his name. I held her baby as the mother attempted to resuscitate their 10 month old puppy.”

Lara said passengers could hear the dog’s “cries” throughout the flight.

United Airlines confirmed the incident, which was first reported by The Points Guy, in an email to The Hill.

“This was a tragic accident that should never have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin,” Maggie Schmerin, a spokeswoman for United Airlines, said in a statement.

“We assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them. We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again.”

The dog’s death comes nearly one year after United became embroiled in a public relations crisis due to a viral video that showed a passenger being forcibly dragged off of one of its flights.

The hell that has become air travel is the reason I plan to structure my life to NEVER have to go on an airplane again. I’d rather poke out my eyes with an ice pick. Some of these flight attendants seem more like matrons at Dachau than service and safety personnel to me. In this case, the dog was in a TSA-compliant carrier, and there was NO reason for this flight Nazi to demand he ride in an unventilated overhead bin. I’d like to stuff her in one and make her ride from Houston to New York.

As you probably know, airlines rely on the traditional legal view that dogs and other pets that they kill are “property,” and therefore, the damages victims can receive are limited; however, both Texas and New York have the tort claim “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” I am not licensed to practice in either of those states, but I know that to prevail, a plaintiff must prove that the action was intentional (check) particularly outrageous (I think so), caused the plaintiff’s emotional distress (yeah, I’d say killing a woman’s dog qualifies) and that the distress was severe. What do you think? Should this woman sue United? Please let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, let me say my heart breaks when I think about this poor puppy suffering in that overhead bin. The canine producers and I are very sad, and say “Bad United! Very very bad!”



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