Sebelius War on Bone Marrow Donors, Plus Architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel: If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Keep Your Doctor, If You Pay. Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-8-13

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A Black Ambassador to Apartheid South Africa : NPR

Former South Africa Amb. Edward Perkins remembers Mandela | Fox News Video

Chinese mom sues after she was fined $54,200 for flouting one-child policy – Behind The Wall (demonstrates what happens when your “right” to health care comes from government)

Despite changes to one-child policy, Chinese parents say having two kids is too expensive – Behind The Wall

Sebelius Declares War on Bone-Marrow Donors | National Review Online

Zero: The Number of Times Obama Met With Sebelius One-On-One Between July 2010 and November 2013 – Daniel Doherty (but wait …the One told Chris Matthews last Thursday that he has “to consistently push on every cabinet secretary, on every single agency, How can we do things better? And we can do things better.”)

7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won’t See In The U.S. Media

Change or No Change? | National Review Online (David Freddoso’s article about how foolish it was for anyone to think that Barack Obama was what he tried to pretend to be, a “post-partisan reformer”)

Woman Hospitalized After Being Glued To Toilet Seat at Home Depot

Breaking Obama Home Page (the site that features some of the Obama parody songs we played on today’s show)


  1. Note to Obama Administration: Lenin and Mengele were Doctors too! So much for your “experts.”

  2. Watched “Red Nightmare” today…. So true!

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