Facebook Page to Help Reunite Owners with Their Precious Pets Lost in Tornado

Here’s the link.

It breaks my heart to see the photos of these precious pets. Their owners and all those who suffered in yesterday’s unbelievably damaging tornado are in my prayers. This horrible tragedy is a reminder to (1) make sure you have current photos of your pets in case you need to try to find them, and (2) hug them, pet them and enjoy their very special unconditional love every single day. I have to go do that second one right now.  Here’s why:

My Big Beautiful Girl_2012-12-10__14-52-54_IMG_0955_@TeriO'Brien(2012)

My big beautiful girl.

My Little Man_2011-01-04__11-07-40_IMG_0478_@TeriO'Brien(2011)

My little man.



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