Fast & Furious: MS-NBC Airhead Joan Walsh Can’t Believe How Low Darryl Issa Will Go by Actually Telling the Truth!

Despite the fact that, as one of last Sunday’s excellent A-List guests, Katie Pavlich has meticulously detailed in her terrific book, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-up, internal DOJ emails have confirmed what those familiar with Eric Holder and Barack Obama long ago realized; that is, that  Operation Fast and Furious had a hidden agenda, which was to impose more gun control on Americans. The hostility that the Left has toward the Second Amendment isn’t exactly a revelation, unless you happen to lack the sense that God gave geese. Case in point: frequent MS-NBC babbler,’s Joan Walsh. She appeared with Chris Matthews on his “Hardball” show on Tuesday 6/26/12, and expressed disgust that Rep. Darryl Issa and millions of other sentient Americans believe that strident ideologues like this bunch would actually send serious firepower to Mexican drug cartels if that would help them strip Americans of their civil liberties.

I love the way doltish Rep. Carolyn Maloney chimes in at the end, echoing Ms. Walsh, and sounding like a demented parrot.


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