FBI Director Comey: Hillary Should Have Known Better, But Not Criminal

What can I say? Never Doubt Me. On last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, I told you that Hillary would not face criminal charges.

Hillary and Bill must be doing the Happy Dance right now. Talk about pulling the rug out from us. FBI Director Comey perfectly laid out the case for indicting Hillary, then said he would not because there was no “intent.”

I hope that all the media shills for Hillary who kept repeating ad nauseum that she never “intended” to do anything wrong, heard FBI Director Comey say that intent is not required. Prosecutors know that if they can show intent, it’s much easier to convict, which is what I think he meant when he said “no reasonable prosecutor would file charges.”

Still, clearly “gross negligence” was there. As I also told you last Sunday, when you put the timeline together, how can anyone deny that the fix is in?

October, 2015, Barack Obama tells “60 Minutes” Hillary made a mistake, but did nothing wrong.

June, 2016-Hillary says she did nothing wrong, and will not be charged. A couple of days later, Barack Obama endorses her.

Monday, June 27-FBI Director Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton has a “clandestine” (right) meeting on a Phoenix airport tarmac.

I asked Sunday: Did Bill Clinton know at the time what the FBI was going to recommend to the Department of Justice? Is that why he hung around waiting for Lynch to arrive so he could have this meeting about “golf (which he probably didn’t play in Phoenix) and grandchildren?”

Saturday, July 2-FBI Director Comey interviews Hillary for 3.5 hours, amazingly, on the Saturday morning of Independence Day weekend.

Tuesday, July 5, Hillary and Barack Obama plan to campaign together, a few c after the FBI Director announces that they will recommend no criminal case will be brought because there was no “intent,” even though the statute involved doesn’t require intent.

So, even though FBI Director Comey confirmed that Hillary lied about this whole mess, as we’ve all known. We know that she violated the applicable statute through “gross negligence.”  He said that she was “extremely careless,” which sounds like gross negligence to me, which is actually a felony. We know that she jeopardized national security because he email was likely hacked. He laid out the case for an indictment, and then said he would not recommend charges.

I take no pleasure in being right about this matter. I told you Sunday that knew that the fix was in as soon as Obama endorsed her. There is clearly a criminal case here, but for whatever reason, it will not be brought. The server itself was the smoking gun. If the FBI Director wanted to require something that the statute does not, “intent,” isn’t the setting up of the server itself perfect evidence of intent? She should have been indicted, but clearly Hillary, Obama and the rest of the cabal will use this decision to continue the narrative “I made a mistake, it wasn’t the best choice,” blah blah blah.

The evidence of many of her other crimes may as well be in the burn bag with her schedules.

Let me be clear: this is corruption with a capital C, and anyone of you who had done the same thing would be facing criminal charges. FBI Director Comey made clear that she compromised national security. End of story. Plus, the timing is shocking, and makes it clear that the system is completely unfair and rigged.

Will any of Hillary’s aides have to fall on the sword for her? Will anything come of the bribery allegations and related corruption of the Clinton Foundation? Time will tell.

What say you?

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