Federal Judge Blocks Rogue EPA Power Grab


For the time being, i don’t think that jackbooted thugs from the EPA won’t be showing up to regulate our yard, even though we are not technically covered by the judge’s order

Temporary reprieve from EPA Power Grab, at least in 13 states

A federal judge in North Dakota acted late Thursday to block the Obama administration’s controversial water pollution rule, hours before it was due to take effect.

Judge Ralph Erickson of the District Court for the District of North Dakota found that the 13 states suing to block the rule met the conditions necessary for a preliminary injunction, including that they would likely be harmed if courts didn’t act and that they are likely to succeed when their underlying lawsuit against the rule is decided.

The decision is a major roadblock for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers, who were planning Friday to begin enforcing the Waters of the United States rule, expanding federal jurisdiction over small waterways like streams and wetlands.

But the Obama administration says it will largely enforce the regulation as planned, arguing that the Thursday decision only applies to the 13 states that requested the injunction.

“Once the rule takes effect, the states will lose their sovereignty over intrastate waters that will then be subject to the scope of the Clean Water Act,” Erickson wrote in his order.

These socialist wackos at the EPA have been completely out of control for way too long. Shouldn’t they be spending their time figuring out why they unleashed toxic heavy metals into the Animas River a couple of weeks ago?


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