Feds Fight to Stop Disclosure of Hillary Whitewater Indictment

Whitewater: Hillary might be indicted for endangering our national security and the lives of intelligence assets, but it’s not the first time she’s faced that possibility.

Whitewater Hillary

How can anyone consider voting for this woman?

From Politico:

The National Archives is fighting a lawsuit trying to force disclosure of several draft indictments of Hillary Clinton prepared by a Whitewater prosecutor in the 1990s.

In a brief filed late Tuesday, Justice Department lawyers  and the Archives argue that disclosure of the draft indictments would lead to an unwarranted invasion of Clinton’s privacy and violate a court rule protecting grand jury secrecy. (emphasis mine)

Wasn’t it concerns about her “privacy,” as in making sure her conduct in office wasn’t subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and scrutiny by the few actual journalists working today, that caused her to violate the Espionage Act with her home brew server?

“Despite the role that Mrs. Clinton occupied as the First Lady during President Clinton’s administration, Mrs. Clinton maintains a strong privacy interest in not having information about her from the files of the Independent Counsel disclosed,” wrote Martha Wagner Murphy, chief of the Archives “special access” branch that stores records of former independent counsels. “As an uncharged person, Hillary Rodham Clinton retains a significant interest in her personal privacy despite any status as a public figure.”

The conservative group Judicial Watch, which filed suit for the records in October under the Freedom of Information Act, is arguing that Clinton’s ongoing bid for the presidency reinforces the public interest in records about her alleged misconduct.

“She’s one of the most well-known women in the world, seeking the office of the presidency and her privacy interests outweigh the public interest in knowing what’s in that indictment? It’s absurd and it’s shameful that the administration is proposing this,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in an interview. “This is a political decision to protect her candidacy—because it is laughable, legally.”

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Wouldn’t it be fun to walk down this memory lane, Kids?

Here’s an idea for any actual reporters who attend the daily White House press briefing. Please ask his Spokes Imbecile, the inappropriately named Josh Earnest why Obama’s Justice Department is spending time and resources covering up for Hillary.


  1. Hillary will be Resident in Leavenworth is my vote. And, Huma is in the next cell, just out of reach.

  2. You keep posting that Dave. Who are you trying to convince? If there’s nothing to hide then what’s the problem?

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