Feds Have Released 86,288 Criminal Aliens Since 2013

Not exactly news: aliens committing the violent crimes that Americans won’t?


Wait–I thought illegals were afraid to come out of the shadows?

We have been reporting on the criminal illegal aliens here for years. See here, here and here.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released nearly 90,000 illegal immigrants since 2013 who had committed more than 200,000 crimes, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) reported during a hearing Thursday that nearly a million illegal aliens who have received final deportation orders remain in the United States.

“We have people that come here legally to this country, we have people that come here illegally to this country,” Chaffetz said during his opening statement. “But there’s a population here that may have overstayed a visa, they may have come here on a tourist visa or a student visa. But they were supposed to go home and they didn’t and they’re here illegally.”

“Nevertheless, there is a large population of people that are in this country illegally,” he said. “Unfortunately, there is also a criminal element to this population.”

Chaffetz said 86,288 illegal aliens who have been convicted of a crime have been released by the federal government since 2013. Those illegal immigrants had committed a total of 231,074 crimes.

“That’s a lot of criminal activity that can be totally and wholly avoided,” Chaffetz said.

Convicted sex offenders, kidnappers, and murderers were released last year, and a total of 953,507 aliens who have received deportation orders remain in the United States.

“In the last year alone, ICE, Immigration Customs Enforcement, released—keep in mind these people committed crimes or were convicted of these crimes, they’re in our possession and we release them out into the public—19,723 criminal aliens, who among them had 64,197 convictions, including 934 sex offenses, 804 robberies, 216 kidnappings, and 196 homicide-related convictions,” Chaffetz said.

Remember this endangerment of our communities is being done as part of Barack Obama’s “remaking” of America, part ideological payback for “racist Amerika,” part cynical politics to turn the entire country into Cook County.

Yes, if you voted for Obama, this is what you voted for. If you don’t do everything you can to defeat Hillary Clinton, you need to own the fact that you are enabling more of this violence, crime and destruction.


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