Feel Good Story: SAS Sniper Kills 4 ISIS Dirtbags, Stops Imminent Murder with Single Bullet

Nice preparation for Hell, Islamists scum! Just as 1 of them was about to murder 12 civilians, SAS sniper took him out, along with the 3 others who were about to film the execution.


From The Daily Mail:

A British sniper took out a feared ISIS executioner as he prepared to murder several hostages by shooting a fuel tank on his back and incinerating him.

The SAS marksman fired a single round from his Barrett .50 calibre sniper rifle at the terrorist, who was about to use a flame thrower to kill 12, from 1,500m.

The bullet hit the flame thrower’s fuel tank and caused a huge fireball, also killing three other ISIS members who were ready to film the execution.

“Up to 12 civilians were going to be murdered – eight men and four women. They were suspected of being spies.

“The executioner gave some sort of rambling speech over a loud hailer then when he finished the SAS sniper opened fire.’

The 12 civilians were then freed by U.S. and British Special Forces.

The rescue comes a few months after another SAS sniper took out two ISIS car bombers with a single shot when they were driving towards their target in Libya.

The heroic sharpshooter saved hundreds of lives by hitting the driver in the head with a deadly shot from 1,000m.

The bullet went through the driver’s skull and lodged in the passenger’s neck, killing them both.

The jihadis were transporting a massive bomb to Tripoli where they planned to detonate it in a packed market, intelligence revealed.

May God bless all the members of our military, and that of our allies, sacrificing every single minute to protect us. Note to moronic useful idiots in the NFL, who embrace the George-Soros funded, “Black Lives Matter” fraud, these are the guys really wearing uniforms that count. How sad that we’ve got from Pat Tillman to Colin Kaepernick in Obama’s America, isn’t it?

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