Arson, Burglary & Stealing: Ferguson “Protestor” Idiot Gets 8 Years

Ferguson Protestor idiot Joshua Williams sentenced to 8 years for Arson, Burglary and Stealing, otherwise known as “standing up for what he believes in.”

Ferguson protestor
I wonder if Obama had a son, he’d look like this guy.
From the Riverfront Times:

Activists and allies of the Ferguson protest movement were stunned Thursday when a St. Louis County Circuit Court judge sentenced Josh Williams to eight years in prison.

Last month, the nineteen-year-old Williams pleaded guilty to arson, burglary and stealing; the charges stemmed from a December 23, 2014 protest during which Williams was recorded entering a Berkeley QuikTrip (which had initially been broken into by looters) and lighting fires inside and outside the convenience store.

Williams’ supporters packed the courtroom in Clayton yesterday, and many took to Twitter to voice their anger at the prosecution’s request for the judge to “make an example” of Williams.

Others noted that Williams’ actions caused little actual damage and that a teenager would now be imprisoned for years while Darren Wilson, the ex-Ferguson officer whose shooting of Michael Brown sparked the protest movement last year, remains free.

Yes, my low-IQ friends, that will happen when one guy pleads guilty to several crimes, and the other guy, the police officer whose life was ruined just because he did his job, committed no crime. Not that “activists” like someone named Kayla Reed, who is clearly as dumb as a box of rocks, would understand that simple fact.

“Today my heart is broken for a young man who stood up for what he believes in and will spend more in prison than any of the killer cops,” tweeted activist Kayla Reed, who was among those critical of the prosecution’s tactics.


  1. Wait until he meets Bubba. That smug look will change!

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