Fifth Column RINO’s

Just a few months ago, this guy was in consideration as Mitt Romney’s VP. How does this happen?

By accepting the provision included in President Barack Obama’s health care law expanding federal Medicaid funding, Ohio Gov. John Kasich joined four fellow Republican governors in welcoming part of a program their party has campaigned vehemently against.

Kasich isn’t the first Republican to sign on to the Obamacare provision – he joins Jan Brewer of Arizona, Brian Sandoval of Nevada, Susana Martinez of New Mexico, and Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota in endorsing the Medicaid expansion. In total, 19 states and the District of Columbia will accept the expanded federal funds.

It’s good to see the Peter Principle alive and well.

On a related front, I listened to Hannity, that annoyingly self-aggrandizing simp, bleat on about Karl Rove and how he leaked to the New York Slimes his plan to end-run the TEA Party. Then a commercial played for Rove’s group. Now, I don’t know if it was a local or a national spot but it certainly played. And no, I won’t link to it.

It looks as though the Grand Plan is to give Obama everything he wants and then blame him for the collapse of society.

Good luck with that.


  1. What can I say? This Rebel M guy is brilliant! I especially enjoyed his very accurate characterization of Sean Hannity.

    • i apologize that i can’t give proper attribution, i just don’t remember from whom, when or where (maybe on wls890am ) but the what is:
      ”Most people don’t know Sean Hannity…
      from Shinola”

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