Fight Like a Girl! Defunding Obamacare. Yes We Can: The Teri O’Brien Show 9-22-13

Here we go again. The Lame Stream Media will tell you. So will their fellow sufferers of ECBR (East Coast Brain Rot), establishment Republicans and brilliant analysts like the poster boy for that ailment, Karl Rove. Friday’s vote in the House of Representatives to send the Senate a Continuing Resolution to fund every single thing in the federal government, from the Pentagon to other important expenditures of federal funds like studying the genitalia of waterfowl or figuring out why lesbians are fat, with one notable exception, the heinous (Un)Affordable Care Act was a pointless, and even self-destructive gesture. “It will never work.” “It’s impossible,” they wail. I’m glad these gutless wonders weren’t around in 1775, or we’d be pledging allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen. Yet, not only has Congress enacted several modifications to Obamacare, which King Barack has signed, he himself has decided to unilaterally delay some provisions, give waivers to some of his friends, and otherwise behave like a dictator. The Constitution gives the power of the purse to the House. You’d think a Constitutional scholar like himself would know that, and certainly not mock the House for exercising its responsibility by making the very bizarre claim last week that their actions are those befitting a “banana republic,” when that label is more appropriate for the lawlessness of his gangsta government.

Right on cue, the Jurassic Media begins bleating about the Republicans voting to “shut down the government,” previewing their intention for a remake of their 1995 classic “Sob Stories of the Government Shutdown,” featuring senior citizens on the verge of starvation, confused and tearful children shut out of national parks, and veterans being denied their benefits, thanks to heartless jerks like Sen. Ted Cruz. They are also attempting to gin up the perception that there is a war within the GOP, running stories about Sen. Rand Paul agreeing with Karl Rove, something Sen. Paul denies.

Al Qaeda on the run file: Another bloody Islamic terror attack, this time at a Kenyan shopping mall. How is this possible? I thought al Qaeda was on the run! Are we reliving history? Many first became aware of al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden as a result of 1998’s American embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Now it’s Somali-based al Shabab, a group that has been actively recruiting fighters in Minnesota. Will any of these Somali-Americans come back here to try this tactic on a mall near you? And, as the new Iranian President embarks on a charm offensive that will no doubt beguile Barack Obama, it’s worth remembering a federal judge’s ruling about what country was essential to the success of the 1998 bombings.

Another shooting rampage by a lunatic gives anti-freedom bed wetters another opportunity to display their ignorance. We’ll unpack that during today’s Second Amendment update.

Our guest is the fearless Mychal Massie, the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21,and author of Random Rants: I Was Right Then, and I am Right Now.

Be ahead of the curve. Tune in today 4-6 pm Central, for the rest of the story.


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