Fighting Back Against Obamacare, More Fairy Tales of the Gay Gestapo, Putin Laughs in Obama’s Face and Lots More : Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-2-14

Don’t you hate it when you’re really enjoying yourself, doing something you really really like, when, out of blue, you’re jolted back to the reality that you’ve got some unpleasant tasks to deal with? That’s what happened to our Dear Reader last week. Just when Barack was indulging his favorite pass times, reminding us that there is, and will never be, forgiveness for America’s sins against black people and using himself as a shining example, reality smacked him up the side of the head in the person of Vladimir Putin. Only hours after being warned by Obama to keep his mitts off Ukraine, he sent in the tanks. What a difference a day makes! Just the day before, Obama announced his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative at a White House event, featuring the human wallpaper backdrop of youthful faces that he clearly adores. It was a bizarre spectacle dripping with irony. Here we had a man who would never have been elected to the U.S. Senate not to mention the presidency, if he weren’t “black,” which he is only by virtue of using the old Jim Crow definition of the term. He told the assembled young men “of color” that “No one is going to hand you anything,” when he himself has had EVERYTHING handed to him because of his black skin privilege. As he makes his touching, heartfelt speech about the pain suffered by children with absent fathers, there in the audience is Tracy Martin, real father of the late Trayvon “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Martin, as opposed to his faux, imaginary father, Barack Obama. Mr. Martin abandoned Trayvon, leaving him another one of the lost boys that Obama is talking about. This is the sort of mental masturbation and politically-expedient foolishness that Obama loves. That icky foreign policy stuff? Not so much, a fact which is not lost on Vladimir Putin, who probably has not stopped laughing since yesterday’s phone call with Obama, who Time magazine describes as a “a frustrated bystander.” That’s how he appeared during an embarrassing 3-minute appearance on Friday to issue another one of his stern warnings to Russia. There will be consequences, he says, only there never are. Only Jimmy Carter can take comfort in these developments.


Michelle Obama

This woman, America’s number one self-appointed health, fitness and nutrition expert, knows better than you do what you should eat.


Moochelle Obama, America’s number one self-appointed health, fitness and nutrition expert, describes you, Bitter Clinger, as a hopeless, lost imbecile, distressed and confused in a supermarket aisle. Fortunately, her Royal Wideness is there to rescue us all from our own ignorance.

On last week’s show, we told you about how militant homosexual activists crafted a careful narrative to deliver the death blow to traditional marriage. Like the Obamacare fiasco, when it comes to telling lies to advance their agenda, the gay gestapo’s hits keep coming. Just this past week, the Lame Stream Media insisted on repeating the myth of the Matthew Shepard case, even though the official story was debunked nearly ten years ago. Why do they continue to broadcast a phony story about this ugly murder?

Speaking of Obamacare, we’ll learn what we can do to fight back against this heinous law from our guest, Dr. Kris Held of American Doctors 4 Truth. What does she think of Sen. Harry Reid calling those who describe their suffering as a result of this scheme “liars?” What do you?

Tune in today for the rest of the story. Be Ahead of the Curve. Hear The Actual News You May Have Missed.

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